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Legal documents are required in all sorts of situations, whether it’s to do with a business, trusts, superannuation, estate planning or employment. Sometimes a translation may be required if your legal documents are to be shared with others who don’t understand the language of the legal document. A list of useful legal documents is given below. … Read More

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If you have a business or any kind of organization that has an international profile, you may have at some time or another been exhorted to ‘localize’ your website and wondered what it meant. Perhaps you already have a website translation tool that can translate your pages into several key different languages, the ones you … Read More

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The main difference that exists between translation and interpretation is the communication channel that is preferable to use in a certain situation. Quite simply translation is mainly concerned with written communication, making interpreting the focus on the spoken word A translator focuses on working and translating the following types of texts: written documents, books, essays, … Read More

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● History’s 1st translation was that of “The Epic of Gilgamesh,” which stands as the oldest literary translated work that took place by a human. It was translated into Asiatic languages around 2,000 BC. This indicates that translation is a very old profession. ● The translation industry today is worth $40 Billion. ● There are … Read More

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If anyone who is bilingual really thinks that they can do legal translations they might find doing a perfect legal translation is really not that easy. This is because legal documents have their own specific language which may vary from country to country because legal systems are never exactly the same. Mistakes in Legal Document Translations … Read More

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A definition of a legal document translation is the translation of a text found in a legal system. This could include affidavits, identity documents, witness statements, filed patents, official reports, legal rulings, precedents, contracts, transcripts and financial documents just to name a few. There are other documents such as the will of a temporary overseas … Read More

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If you need to get your business’s legal documents translated into other languages you will need a reliable legal translation services to complete the task. You have to, choose one that has experienced translators who are conversant with the types of legal documents you will need translated. This could include: warranty documents for products; manuals … Read More

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Document translation is not a simple process at all. It requires a high degree of concentration on the part of the translator. If you are in need of legal translations you shouldn’t consider hiring an individual freelancer. This is because the importance of accuracy is vital with these sorts of translations. If for example you … Read More

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At the moment, Machine Translation (MT) and Speech Recognition (SR) can’t be fully utilized. This is mainly because people speak continuously and there needs to be an acoustic remedy for that which reduces the flow down to sentences or smaller segments which then sends the output to what’s referred to as an audio optimization layer. … Read More

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The global economy has at its heart a whole network of financial businesses, ranging from banks to accountancy firms, financial planners, economists and advisers. The number of free trade deals that have been negotiated may have reached a temporary plateau, but it hasn’t stopped world trade. None of this financial activity would be possible without … Read More

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