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Many products purchased by customers are technical and need to be accompanied by a user or technical manual. Not all customers speak your language so to meet the needs of this growing group of non-native English speakers, it’s important to get your technical manuals translated into your customers’ languages. One of the most important technical … Read More

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With more and more businesses being involved in the global market than ever before, it’s important that legal translations of key business documents are taken seriously by these emerging global businesses and that there are no legal translation mistakes. It does not matter which area of industry a business is involved in taking on foreign … Read More

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To ensure that a legal translation is accurate and of high quality, it is preferable that a Spanish to English translation of legal texts is done by a lawyer, either currently practising in the field of law or has substantial experience in the legal field as a translator of legal texts. A legal translator who … Read More

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The internet these days replaces many functions, particularly those related to services that don’t need the presence of a physical office. Hiring a translator fits into this exactly, as all the paperwork associated with a legal translation can take place online. This doesn’t mean that you know exactly what you are getting when you hire … Read More

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Translating any document is a challenge, but when it comes to a legal document even a professional translator has challenges to face that don’t occur in other types of documents. In the legal document translating field the certified translator needs to be an expert in the subject matter found in the legal document, as well as having … Read More

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Translations are more commonplace today than they have ever been. There is no universal world language so businesses and other organisations have to be content with getting translations completed of material they want to share with those who don’t speak their language. There are still certain perceptions that people have of the translation industry that … Read More

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At some point in your life, you will most likely need to translate a legal document, whether for personal or professional reasons. This could be a birth certificate that you may need to use if you are intending upon working in a country that doesn’t speak your language or transcripts of qualifications that you may … Read More

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Legal documents are required in all sorts of situations, whether it’s to do with a business, trusts, superannuation, estate planning or employment. Sometimes a translation may be required if your legal documents are to be shared with others who don’t understand the language of the legal document. A list of useful legal documents is given below. … Read More

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If you have a business or any kind of organization that has an international profile, you may have at some time or another been exhorted to ‘localize’ your website and wondered what it meant. Perhaps you already have a website translation tool that can translate your pages into several key different languages, the ones you … Read More

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The main difference that exists between translation and interpretation is the communication channel that is preferable to use in a certain situation. Quite simply translation is mainly concerned with written communication, making interpreting the focus on the spoken word A translator focuses on working and translating the following types of texts: written documents, books, essays, … Read More

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