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These days many businesses are pursuing a global presence and this is achieved by making the website appealing and easily understood by the targeted audience. It is not a matter of loading the website online in a multitude of languages but getting it localised first is equally important.  Customising a website to suit the language … Read More

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Humans were the first translators and have worked alone to perform translations for many centuries. They relied on their own skills to create the most accurate translations and the recipients of the translations were never really given the chance to dispute the quality of the translations. With the rise of artificial intelligence, machine translators have … Read More

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Trademarks help to protect your brand from competitors trying to use a slogan, name, or image that you have spent many years building a reputation with. Once you have got your trademark recognized, any business or upstart that uses that trademark without your permission can be sued. The only problem is that trademarks are normally … Read More

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If a government agency and many other organizations demand a copy of a document or document translation, they may request either a certified or notarized document. This applies to translations of documents as well. What is a certified translation? A certified document requires accuracy, no mistakes, and an official signature of the translator claiming the … Read More

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As the world becomes more and more interconnected (despite Covid-19!), and the use of the internet for communication and important transactions grows, the threat of cyber attacks also grows. Cybersecurity is becoming an essential tool for businesses as well as many other organizations. Even national elections and electioneering have come under threat from cyber attacks, … Read More

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477 million people in the world are native speakers of Spanish while Spanish is the 3rd most commonly spoken language after Mandarin and English in the world. In recent times there has been a marked increase in the demand for Spanish translation services which has grown by almost 40%, typically because of how important Spanish … Read More

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Korea has built up a reputation throughout the world for innovation, which means it is a leader for new ideas, particularly in the digital world. Along with this has been the development of the e-commerce sector which is expected to top $107 billion by 2024, as more and more ventures specialize in just selling products … Read More

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Maritime law is often referred to as admiralty law or the laws of the sea. It is made up of a number of laws, conventions, and treaties that direct the actions of private maritime businesses and other issues, such as the settling of shipping disputes or prosecuting offenders who have broken laws in international waters. … Read More

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Moving from an office-based environment to remote locations for legal practices has been easy for some firms and more difficult for others. There are several aspects of legal work where the effects of Covid-19 and the response to the pandemic have been particularly disruptive. These include: adapting infrastructure to suit remote work; implementing leadership support; … Read More

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The Covid-19 pandemic rages on, but many countries are now in the process of easing lockdown restrictions, with varying degrees of success. It appears that those that shut their borders early; used physical distancing measures, masks and test, track and trace strategies have come out of the pandemic the best, even though their economies have … Read More

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