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Proofreading is an integral part of any freshly written text including translations. A proof-reader’s job is to locate and correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. This ensures that the reader that s/he is getting the best exposure to a translated text. Even if the translated text seems to be correct grammatically proofreader could still make … Read More

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Legal documents vary because the legal systems in different countries are rarely identical. This makes it challenging for translators when asked to translate legal documents that originate from different legal systems. The translator needs to be familiar with both the legal systems of the source and targeted languages. There are terms that are not the … Read More

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Businesses, organizations, and agencies throughout the world, whether they are retail outlets, five-star restaurants, or a local charity, can benefit a lot from having their brochures translated. A translated brochure in many languages exposes the brochure to the international market, which means attracting more customers. The layout of a brochure makes it the perfect medium … Read More

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Most countries have agreements with other countries regarding international adoptions. For example, Australia has agreements with the following countries: Thailand, Taiwan, Sri Lanka,  South Korea,  South Africa, Poland,  Philippines,  Latvia,  Hong Kong,  Colombia,  China, Chile,  Bulgaria. International adoptions can be complicated, expensive, and often take a long time to complete. Each country has its own … Read More

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1. What’s a legal translation? A legal translation takes place when legal documents are translated. Examples of legal documents include: wills; birth and marriage certificates; litigation documents; business documents like contracts;  patents; laws. If a translator wishes to perform legal translations s/he must have expertise in the field of law they wish to translate. For … Read More

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Proofreading a document well is not an easy task as it requires a lot of concentration. If your mind gets diverted by something else you cannot expect your proofreading to be perfect. Overall, the biggest “don’t” for proofreading is without any doubt not proofreading the text at all! Proofreading tips 1. Get someone else to … Read More

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A patent offers a right assigned by a government to an inventor who has created a new invention. It is a right which stops others from selling, using or making the invention for their own use for a period of time. The use of patents encourages inventors to invent something both unique and useful. How … Read More

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Generally speaking, you do not need any other official documents for a marriage certificate translation other than the original marriage certificate itself. In fact, a translator can translate any copy of an official document as long as it is legible, but if it the translation is to be used for official purposes, then the translator … Read More

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Why is legal translation so important? Legal translation is one of the more specialized and important fields of translation. Legal translators have often spent time within the legal world at another earlier stage of their careers and their acquisition of legal terminology and understanding of legal practices stands them in good stead. So, why are … Read More

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Do you own your own business? Are you thinking of expanding your business and selling goods overseas? Maybe you think you can purchase cheaper raw materials or even finished products in some other country and make a profit by selling them for a higher price in your own home market? If the answer is ‘yes’ … Read More

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