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The real estate industry is highly regulated in most developed countries. Real estate agents and developers must be aware of the various laws that regulate the industry. In many countries, populations have become progressively more multicultural as migration and the intake of refugees have meant that there is a need for the translation of important … Read More

November 14, 2022By legaltranslationsTranslations Skills, Translations Tips

There are five legal systems that are used in the world today. These are the civil law, customary law, common law, religious law, as well as the mixed legal system. The Italian legal system is based on a civil law state, which is governed by codified law. Italy’s government system is a parliamentary republic.  The … Read More

October 4, 2022By legaltranslationsTranslations Tips

The role of a legal contract in business is to outline expectations for the parties involved in the contract, protect both parties if the expectations are not met, and lock in the cost for the payment of services. What are the challenges when translating contracts? There are three main challenges of contract translation services which … Read More

September 20, 2022By legaltranslationsTranslations Skills, Translations Tips

Legal processes these days often involve speakers of a variety of languages, so the importance of a legal translation and interpretation should not be ignored as an interpreter for each language is required when any oral communication occurs between parties involved. All documents used, like response and complaint documents, written evidence, statements provided by witnesses, … Read More

September 5, 2022By legaltranslationsblog, Translations Skills, Translations Tips

Localizing the languages used in games is necessary if the title is to be marketed to an international audience. During the last decade, many publishers and developers have learned how important quality localization which is not easy to complete. The biggest challenges for game localization Localization as a strategy affects both the technical and linguistic … Read More

July 5, 2022By legaltranslationsTranslations Tips

Importance of the French language globally French is one of the world’s most important languages in terms of the number of speakers and its international significance. French has declined to some extent in terms of its international significance as English and other languages such as Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Indonesian have all gained … Read More

June 16, 2022By legaltranslationsTranslations Tips

What’s the difference between transcription and translation? Translation and transcription sound similar, but in fact, are quite different. The translation is the conversion of text from one language into another language, e.g. French to English or Arabic to Russian. The translation is performed by a translator who is fluent in at least the two languages … Read More

January 31, 2022By legaltranslationsTranslations Tips

Using divorce certificate translation services for all your divorce paperwork can be useful if your divorce documentation isn’t in your own native tongue. Why do I need my divorce certificate translated? Far from simply legally confirming the ending of a marriage, a divorce certificate, a divorce decree, and any paperwork related are in fact legal … Read More

August 4, 2021By legaltranslationsTranslations Tips

Passports are issued by national governments. They are legal documents that certify the holder of the passport’s country of citizenship and identity. A passport is viewed as a travel document that is essential for international travel, even though it doesn’t initially determine how long the holder may reside in any other country. A passport contains … Read More

July 19, 2021By legaltranslationsTranslations Tips

Abstract meaning Abstracts are short summaries of research papers, usually only a few sentences long. Abstracts give the gist of what the research paper is all about. The abstract translation is therefore the professional translation of abstracts so that researchers whose language is not the same as that of the person who wrote the abstract … Read More

April 20, 2021By legaltranslationsTranslations Tips

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