Businesses, individuals and organisations are spreading their wings out of their home towns to other parts of the world, often chasing more profits than they could ever expect to earn back home. As a result of this trend, many countries require legal translations of company documents, such as supply contracts, environmental policies, insurance documents and … Read More

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What are the Immigration Laws? These are a country’s laws regarding the movement of people into their country. They change according to the country’s requirements. If, for example, a country is short of teachers, people in this profession who wish to migrate will have the chance to do so that year. Once the quota has … Read More

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When it comes to choosing between a telephone interpreter or a face to face interpreter the choice really depends on the setting and the language. Take for example a healthcare setting. It’s crucial in order to deliver the correct healthcare to be able to communicate effectively with the patient. If an accident has taken place … Read More

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Legal translation jobs are sought after by translators because they require in-depth and specialist knowledge so they pay well. It requires a lot of perseverance on behalf of a legal translator to become competent and confident enough to perform good legal translations. Hours and hours of work have to be spent reading legal web pages … Read More

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Every organisation has a culture, whether you are aware of it or not. Invariably, the longer the organisation has been in existence, the more entrenched and discernible is its culture. Law offices or law firms, whatever they are called, are no different from any other business organisation. They all have a definite culture. The culture … Read More

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What is the Importance of Legal Language? Using legal language to deal with legal matters enables legal concepts to be compressed. However, not everyone understands legal language and with so much legal information being conveyed on the internet much of it can’t easily be understood by those who wish to access specific legal information. Today … Read More

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There has been a lot in the news about how banks in England are acting as keepers of money for corrupt politicians from overseas who steal the taxes that ordinary people have paid and sent them abroad. The once head of the overseas anti-corruption unit, Andrew Massey, insists that there must be more vigilance when … Read More

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Scamming is so commonplace that those affected probably don’t even know that it is happening. The translation industry is affected in the same way that everyone else is. The 1st Scam is Stealing your CV As many people do, they post their CVs online either through their web pages, on a translation website, or by … Read More

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When a lawyer is involved in arbitration and the clients don’t have a good command of English, the lawyer simply sends the necessary legal documents away to be translated. The lawyer doesn’t dwell on the matter but just treats it like any other day to day administrative tasks. If the translation is taking place at … Read More

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Expanding your business into the world market is not only a challenge, but it’s exciting too. Seeing your product in a store overseas or even on an online marketplace in another country is a boost to your chance of gaining more revenue and it offers status to your product too overseas. However, you’ll unlikely be … Read More

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