When a lawyer is involved in arbitration and the clients don’t have a good command of English, the lawyer simply sends the necessary legal documents away to be translated. The lawyer doesn’t dwell on the matter but just treats it like any other day to day administrative tasks. If the translation is taking place at … Read More

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Expanding your business into the world market is not only a challenge, but it’s exciting too. Seeing your product in a store overseas or even on an online marketplace in another country is a boost to your chance of gaining more revenue and it offers status to your product too overseas. However, you’ll unlikely be … Read More

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Expanding into international markets is an aim for most start-ups as it’s a way of ensuring their business grows. However, increasingly more and more languages need to be provided for instruction manuals, warranty documents and product descriptions. Today the number of languages which are supported on commercial worldwide websites is 27. Getting all of a … Read More

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Today, all sorts of inventions are created in different languages as there is no one global language. This means the translation is essential so that people can share what others have created. One of the key inventions today that’s hit the world like a storm is the virtual gaming industry. Even though many games are … Read More

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Today for a business which wants to grow in the international market all the latest technology has to be used in order to get potential buyers to look at the product. One of the most important of these is Mobile app localization. This should be part of any businesses global presence as the localization process … Read More

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When understanding between people who don’t speak the same language is crucial, sometimes using a written translation isn’t necessarily the easiest solution. If the communication is likely to take place in an environment where the communicators are involved in face to face encounters an on the spot translation may be the best way to go. … Read More

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For many people, simply understanding a legal document in itself can be difficult enough, but the challenge really reaches its head when a legal document needs to be translated into another language. It’s without a doubt a hard language translation to undertake and achieve with accuracy that’s required in the legal environment. There is no … Read More

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There are some differences between a patent, a copyright, and a trademark, but they are all about individual and business rights to exclusively own and market an idea or product they have created. Patents are used for inventions, while copyright is more to do with protecting someone’s literary and artistic skills. A trademark is used … Read More

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As an attorney’s assistant a paralegal’s main aim is to help his or her attorney to prepare court cases. Some of the responsibilities are quite similar to a lawyer. However, in the end a paralegal is not qualified to represent plaintiffs and defendants in court or to give any legal advice to the attorney’s clients. … Read More

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One of the things that companies are pursuing the most is trying to sidestep the use of human translators by the use of machine translation combined with legal technology. In the end, does this really help to drive efficiency and offer greater visibility to a company? What companies are seemingly focusing on the most is … Read More

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