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Law Firm Website Translation

What is the relevance of law firm website translations?

Apart from referrals and word of mouth, a website is often the most effective and most important marketing tool for law firms.

Its power can be leveraged through search engine optimisation (SEO) or pay-per-click advertising using Google or Bing.

Having a website in English is now common enough. Ethnic communities appreciate access to content in their local language, and so do potential clients from overseas. Providing at least the core information in multiple languages displays professionalism and your commitment to making client access to legal information as easy as possible.

Barnes, Thompson & Brown have ample experience in translating the websites of both small and large law firms into languages other than English, with all content being independently proofread to avoid embarrassing mistakes and ensure the highest level of professionalism.

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Elements of law firm website translations

Solid project management is crucial when translating a legal website. We recommend a six-stage approach:

  1. Define the objective: Who are the potential users of foreign-language content and how do they add value to the law firm’s operations? How much value do they add, and what’s the return on investment?
  2. Set the languages: Which languages do the potential users speak?
  3. Define the scope: Does all content have to be translated, or can sub-pages be disregarded? Would designated landing pages in certain languages be sufficient?
  4. Translate the content: Our experienced legal and marketing translators carry out the translation.
  5. Proofread the content: A second group of translators reviews the translation and discusses their feedback with the primary translators.
  6. Publish and check: After the content is publishedon the website, the translators review it again to make sure no “copy-paste” errors and other similar mistakes have crept in.

Benefits of law firm website translations

  • We live in a multicultural society where a substantial part of the population consists of people whose primary language is not English and/or who have limited English skills. Add to that a substantial number of temporary residents and visiting business people who might find themselves in a situation where they need legal services, and the benefit of a translated website for your law firm becomes obvious: By offering translated content, you’re lowering client reservations, creating trust and increasing the chances of a potential client calling you.
  • Translated content implies that you have experience in dealing with clients from the same ethnic grouping and that you are involved with a multicultural audience.
  • The lifetime value of a client or the value of individual cases dwarves the investment for a legal translation project, and the return on investment of a translated law firm website is usually substantial. We’d be glad to assist you with a customised proposal and share our ideas with you.

Why even think about law firm website translations?

A multilingual approach will help you to access the lucrative multicultural market and increase your client base. By offering multilingual content, you are demonstrating to your clients that you take accessibility seriously. Having a translated website could well be the difference between getting a call from a prospective client or losing that call to a competing firm. With potential clients often searching for law firms online and then shortlisting and calling a few, standing out is crucial.

Contact us today for a free proposal and tap into the lucrative field of multicultural marketing!

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