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How do I get a quote for my project?

Please send us your documents via our contact form or email us at . We will get in touch with you by return and either provide you with a free quote or, if we require more information, discuss your specifications.

How long do the translations take?

We are experts in meeting seemingly impossible deadlines, even for large volumes of documents. Please contact us for a free proposal. A same-day service is generally available for many languages. We have successfully completed express jobs in as little as three hours during business hours but this, of course, depends on the language and nature of the document.

How much do you charge for your services?

We charge by the word and by the hour. Each project is different, and timing has a great impact on prices. Please contact us now for a free non-obligational proposal. We are known for providing very competitive prices, although we never compromise quality for price.

Is there a minimum price for the translation of our documents?

Yes, we charge a minimum fee of AUD 95 + GST for a translation project. We do this because a project not only consists of the translation itself, but also requires other work to be done such as project management, invoicing and client communication.

Can you offer discounts?

We have fixed and very competitive prices. Our promise to you is that we pay our translators very fair prices, and we do not compromise on quality.

What services do you offer?

In addition to a range of legal translation services, we also offer proofreading, a document editing and abstracting service, interpreting, typesetting and design, and a transcription service. We can take on very complex projects, even multilingual ones, as we have highly organised capacities. Our problem-solving abilities also help us to quickly develop customised workflows targeted to your specific case. Contact us now, and you will be amazed at what we can do for you.

What sort of law firms do you work with?

We work with both large and small firms, and handle projects ranging from one to tens of thousands of pages. In addition, we also work with corporate legal departments and governments.

When is your office open?

We're ready for business 7 days a week, 365 days a year during and beyond business hours. Even if you contact us at 10 pm at night, you will most likely get an instant response.

Why Barnes, Thompson & Brown? There are so many translation providers to choose from.

Three points to consider: 1) We have a proven track record of successfully handling large legal translation projects. 2) We are very responsive and will communicate with you extremely quickly. 3) We think and act like a law firm. There’s no clash of cultures when you work with us.

Are your translations done by humans, or do you use machine translations?

All our translations are 100% done by humans, except where specifically requested otherwise.

Can you take on complex projects?

Yes, we love challenges. We have successfully completed very complex and complicated projects in the past. We have a dedicated team and strive for perfection in all we do. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.

Do you offer court interpreting?

Yes, we do offer court interpreting in numerous languages. Please contact us with your specific request and we will provide you with a free quote.

Do you accept jobs from both private individuals and legal providers?

Yes, we have the capacity to assign project managers and translators to small or large projects from both private clients and legal practitioners.

What information do you need to start a translation project?

  • Source document
  • Languages involved (source and target language)
  • Purpose of translation
  • Specific terminology if required
  • Spellings of names if applicable
  • Preferred language variant (e.g. UK English) if applicable

Are your translators able to appear in court to confirm their translations?

Yes, this is usually possible for most languages.

Are your translations done by NAATI-accredited translators?

Yes, most of our translators are NAATI-certified. We will discuss your options in the proposal stage.

How long have you been in business?

We have been operating since 2008. Our translators are very experienced in legal matters, and most of them undergo frequent advanced training. Each of our team leaders has been in the language service industry for more than 10 years.

Do I have to pay upfront, or do you offer accounts to regular clients?

Australian law firms automatically enjoy a 7-day account. We will simply send a bill together with the translation. Overseas clients and private clients will have to pay upfront.

Will you amend the translation afterwards if we require this?

Yes. Reasonable changes are free of charge, and part of our warranty.

If you could name your three key strengths, what would they be?

Consistent quality, responsiveness, and attention to detail.

What is the best way to contact you?

Our email response time is usually under 30 minutes, so the most efficient option for you is to send an email. However, if you feel more comfortable discussing your project on the phone with us, please feel free to give us a call.

Are your translations certified?

Yes, we meet a broad range of certification standards for Australia, the United States, and Europe. Most of our translators are NAATI-accredited and are committed to ongoing advanced professional training. Please make sure you detail your requirements so that we can provide you with a tailored proposal.

What languages do you translate?

We can confidently say that we have translated from and into the top 200 languages around the globe.

Can you give me some references?

Rest assured that our list of clients contains some well-known names; but due to confidentiality reasons, we will not give out the names of any of our clients. However, we can provide you with sample translations, you can Google us and read our reviews, or you give us a call and we can talk with you directly about your project.

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