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Passport Translation

What is a Passport Translation?

A passport translation is a relatively unusual request. It is not, for instance, a normal requirement for visa applications for Australian permanent residence visas, work visas or holiday visas. However, it may be a requirement if you intend visiting certain countries where there are unusual security requirements. If your passport is in English, for example, you may be required to have it translated into Arabic or some other language if Latin script is not commonly used in that country.

Few countries insist on passport translations for everyday travel, even if there is a difference in the script used in that country. However, depending on the reason for your visit, it may be that exceptional security checks are necessary, and it may then be a requirement of the foreign government that your passport is translated into the relevant language so that every entry in the passport can be scrutinised by officials there.

An efficient and accurate passport translation service will ensure that your passport translation is acceptable in all circumstances.

What is Involved in a Passport Translation?

If you have ever had a close look at your passport, especially if you have been to a number of different countries, you will have seen that it is full of interesting stamps and visas. These contain important information about when you visited that country and why you visited it, how long you stayed, and the conditions of your stay.

This information may well be written in many different languages, making passport translation quite an exacting task.

The information may well be vital for a country with an interest in the places you have been to and why you were there, but without an effective passport translation this would be almost impossible for the average investigating official.

Why use Barnes, Thompson & Brown for a Passport Translation?

  • We specialise in translations of legally important documents, including passports.
  • We provide absolute certainty that your privacy will be respected.
  • We respondswiftly to queries and requests for quotations for passport translation services.
  • We providea passport translation servicesevendays a Week.
  • We work Welloutside normal Australian business hours.
  • We provide a response to a passport translation service request within 30 minutes.
  • We will begin your passport translation within 60 minutes depending on the complexity of the translation.
  • We have a talented pool of over 650 professional translators.
  • We provide 100% human translations for visa translations.
  • We offer passport translation services in over 150 languages.
  • We offer many common dialects within these languages.

Why You Should Only Use a Professional Translator for a Passport Translation

Passport translations are more complex than many other types of ordinary document translations for immigration or citizenship applications. For a start, the entries are almost always not in a single language, necessitating more than one professional translator in order to get every entry translated. A working knowledge of immigration procedure is a significant advantage.

Passport translations should never be left to a machine or automatic translation process, as the information is sensitive and open to error if not managed by a human translator.

For passport translations, you cannot do better than use Barnes, Thompson &Brown for accurate and professional work and speedy delivery.

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