• Translation


    We subject our translators to a clearly defined vetting process to make sure that we deliver a high-quality output at all times.

  • Document Review and Abstract Translation

    Document Review and Abstract Translation

    We provide you with concise summaries in your chosen language so that you can quickly ascertain the relevance of a document.

  • Professional Proofreading and Editing

    Professional Proofreading and Editing

    Proofreading and editing involves the thorough review of the translation by a second translator.

  • Court Interpreting

    Court Interpreting

    We aid law firms in a range of live settings including hearings, trials, depositions, conferences, conference calls, and interviews.

  • Transcription


    We can transcribe in many languages or combine this with a translation and deliver English/foreign-language transcripts for your or your client’s review.

  • Typesetting and Design

    Typesetting and Design

    Our graphic designers support law firms with the creation of both printed and digital resources such as websites and brochures.

  • Contract Translation

    Contract Translation

    We are a specialist legal contract translation service with significant experience in contract translation.

  • Legal Webpage Translation

    Legal Webpage Translation

    We maintain a level of detail and legal accuracy with our legal webpage translation services that can’t be matched by non-legal translators or machine-assisted translators.

  • Patent Translation

    Patent Translation

    Translating patents presents unique challenges, as they contain essential legal language and phraseology as well as technical descriptions.

  • Litigation Translation

    Litigation Translation

    As a specialist legal translation firm, Barnes, Thompson & Brown has extensive experience in litigation translation including certified litigation translation.

  • Legal Document translation

    Legal Document translation

    We translate to and from a vast range of languages, we handle projects of any size, and our turnaround times are fast.


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