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Divorce Document Translation

What is a Divorce Certificate Translation?

Divorce certificate translations are not as common as certificate translations, but they can be equally important. Divorce certificate translations are needed whenever a divorce certificate has been issued in a different language from that used in the country where it has been requested.

In many cases, a divorce certificate may be written in a script totally different from that used in any other country, making even guessing what is contained in the divorce certificate impossible. For example, a Chinese divorce certificate must definitely be translated before being used anywhere else in the world, as it will be printed in Chinese characters.

A divorce certificate translation may be needed when someone wishes to remarry outside his or her own country, or to establish a change in legal marital status when there are questions of paternity or the distribution of marital or personal assets, just to mention a couple of reasons.

What is Involved in a Divorce Certificate Translation?

A divorce certificate is very similar to a marriage certificate, although it tends to have less information recorded on it. Typical information on a divorce certificate includes:

  • the names of the two spouses;
  • the date of their divorce;
  • the location where the divorce took place or the legal jurisdiction that confirmed the legality of the divorce;
  • the reason for the divorce (in some cases);
  • any provisions for spousal and/or child support (depending on the jurisdiction).

In some countries, a traditional marriage may at some time be followed by a traditional divorce, making for an unusual or non-standard divorce certificate. In some cases, the divorce may simply amount to a piece of paper with a brief statement on it, signed by a religious authority. This may still be legally valid in another country, and hence its translation is still important.

Why use Barnes, Thompson & Brown for a Divorce Certificate Translation?

  • We understand just how important confidentiality is to our clients.
  • We provide a unique seven-day service and extend our hours well beyond normal Australian business hours.
  • We have an immense pool of over 650 talented legal translators who between themprovide translations of over 150 different languages.
  • We use only human translators for important legal documents such asdivorce certificate translations.
  • We have a response time to online queries of less than 30 minutes, unless the request is particularly complex.
  • We can start work on a divorce certificate translation within 60 minutes of the receipt of the uploaded original, unless the language to be translated is particularly unusual.

Why You Should Use a Professional Translator for a Divorce Document Translation

A divorce certificate may be vital evidence in an ongoing legal process, and any mistakes, omissions or inconsistencies may lead to the wrong legal conclusion. This can best be avoided if the divorce certificate translation is completed by a professional translator who has experience in divorce certificate translations.

In most cases, a divorce certificate translation is accompanied by a certificate confirming its accuracy and authenticity. Certification is typically provided by the same professional translator who does the actual translation.

For Australian or other divorce certificate translations you cannot do better than use Barnes, Thompson &Brown for accurate and professional work and speedy delivery.

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