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Immigration policies The immigration policies of many countries include three key factors. One of these is the richer countries’ eagerness to accept immigrants who originate from developing countries. A second factor is how the country integrates new immigrants while the third is the number and type of immigrants which are allowed into countries such as … Read More

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ZircoDATA Pty Ltd, a leader in records and information management from governance through to storage, digitisation and destruction, has acquired our mother entity Xine Communication, one of the largest translation service providers in Australia. This acquisition extends ZircoDATA’s portfolio in conversion services in complementary sectors including financial, government, legal, medical and professional services. Jacqueline Fitzpatrick, … Read More

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It’s rare that every participant would remember the precise details of a business meeting so a transcript is made while the meeting is in progress which means there is a detailed written account of the meeting available to all those participants to view when they wish. As well as business meeting transcriptions legal transcripts are … Read More

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The three main East Asian languages, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, are each spoken by tens of millions of people, hundreds of millions in the case of Chinese. There are often very specific reasons why someone who doesn’t speak any of these languages might want to learn at least one of them. For anyone who speaks … Read More

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In Australia, the major language of government is English. It is the official language and is the language of schools and other educational institutions. With few exceptions, English will be the main language used throughout the legal system, including the courts, amongst lawyers, and the law enforcement system. However, this doesn’t mean that other languages … Read More

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For many Christian communities around the world, Easter is the most important religious ceremony of the year. Like other ceremonies, however, Easter is not just a religious occasion as its origin is mixed up and combined with even older ceremonies. In the case of Easter, this means ceremonies associated with the arrival of Spring and … Read More

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Communication solutions under COVID-19 A recent survey revealed that the responses to COVID-19 have accelerated the use of digital technology by many years and many of these are here to stay. Much of this was due to how customers changed their behavior, choosing more online channels for communication purposes and in particular for buying and … Read More

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Simultaneous interpretation is most common at large conference venues and important ceremonies where the members of the audience typically wear specially designed listening devices so that they can hear the interpretation in their own language. Simultaneous interpretation assists conference delegates so that they can communicate in their own language and follow easily what each speaker … Read More

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Not everyone requiring medical care can necessarily speak the language of the doctor or hospital they need to visit. Even a family member trying to explain the person’s medical condition and symptoms may not be able to put across the information correctly. Additionally, when a doctor is describing the diagnosis and treatment, the patient and … Read More

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The terms localization & internationalization are often used as if they are interchangeable, but they do not mean exactly the same thing. Localization is a process used for adapting a text so that it meets the cultural, legal, linguistic, date format, and any other element that allows it to fit in seamlessly in a location. … Read More

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