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Immigration policies The immigration policies of many countries include three key factors. One of these is the richer countries’ eagerness to accept immigrants who originate from developing countries. A second factor is how the country integrates new immigrants while the third is the number and type of immigrants which are allowed into countries such as … Read More

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ZircoDATA Pty Ltd, a leader in records and information management from governance through to storage, digitisation and destruction, has acquired our mother entity Xine Communication, one of the largest translation service providers in Australia. This acquisition extends ZircoDATA’s portfolio in conversion services in complementary sectors including financial, government, legal, medical and professional services. Jacqueline Fitzpatrick, … Read More

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It’s rare that every participant would remember the precise details of a business meeting so a transcript is made while the meeting is in progress which means there is a detailed written account of the meeting available to all those participants to view when they wish. As well as business meeting transcriptions legal transcripts are … Read More

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As more business is being conducted internationally there are options that businesses may consider such as mergers and acquisitions which offer a unique opportunity to co-operate with or acquire businesses that have experience already and knowledge of your new targeted markets. This up-to-date knowledge and experience lower the risk when trying to expand into the … Read More

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