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Affidavit Translation

What is an Affidavit Translation?

Translations are usually required when documents of all types are submitted for attention if they are not in the same language as that used by the people they are addressed to. One of the more common legal documents for which a translation is required is an affidavit.

Affidavits are used for all sorts of purposes when statements must be made in court under oath that confirm or affirm a statement that has been made. Affidavits are written statements and could theoretically be made available in any language used by the person who filed them.

Affidavit translations are necessary so that the affidavit can be understood in the official language of the court. Affidavits are extremely significant from a legal perspective, so an affidavit translation should always be carried out by professional legal translators, and accompanied by a certificate to confirm the accuracy and authenticity of the translation.

What is Involved in an Affidavit Translation?

Affidavits are not normally complicated documents, even if they are very important ones from a legal standpoint. An affidavit translation, typically a certified affidavit translation, is a careful and essentially literal translation of the original. The focus with an affidavit translation is on accuracy and authenticity. Affidavits are unlikely to be the only legal documents that need translating if they relate to a court case.

If the original affidavit was not in the language used by the court it would be unlikely that other documents pertaining to the court case would be in the language of the court either. The legal translator entrusted with the affidavit translation would also be required to issue a certificate confirming that the translation has been completed correctly.

Why use Barnes, Thompson & Brown for an Affidavit Translation?

  • We respond to all queries and requests for quotations, even outside the usual Australian business hours.
  • We are specialised legal translators who translate, among other things, affidavits and other court documents.
  • We have over 650 professional translators available.
  • We can offer affidavit translations in over 150 different languages.
  • We provide a certified affidavit translation service.
  • We normally respond to all requests within 30 minutes of receiving them.
  • We can start work on an affidavit translation, unless it is in a particularly unusual language, within 60 minutes of receiving the original version.

Why You Should Use a Professional Translator for an Affidavit Translation

Legal documents should never be translated using translation software alone without human input. The consequences of an inaccurate or misleading statement such as that in an affidavit can be huge. While certified affidavit translations should be left to professional translators, there is an additional benefit to seeking out a specialised legal translator, especially if the affidavit is just one of several other court documents that need translating.

For Australian affidavit translations, you cannot do better than use Barnes, Thompson &Brown for accurate and professional work and speedy delivery.

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