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Visa Application Document Translation

What is a Visa Application Document Translation?

There are usually many personal documents needed when applying for an Australian visa, whether this is for permanent residence, a bridging visa, a working holiday visa, or an employment visa, to mention just a few common visa categories. As the Australian Government only accepts the use of the English language for visa translation documents, this means that applicants’ personal documents will need to be translated if they are not originally in English.

In Australia, all visa document translations must be completed by approved professional translators who are accredited with NAATI, the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters, as are Barnes, Thompson & Brown.

It is sensible to be selective when choosing a visa translation firm to complete your visa application document translations for you. Apart from NAATI accreditation, it helps to use a visa translation service with impeccable legal credentials as well as an ability to deliver the translated requirements when you want them.

What is Involved in a Visa Application Document Translation?

A visa application document translation involves the careful and accurate translation of every sentence and phrase from the source document into English. As most personal documents have a legal significance, visa translations are best left to specialised legal translators. In saying that, we also offer extract translations (summaries and/or partial translations) to save you time and money.

Each document is unique. This means that the translator dealing with the visa translation must take into consideration all components of the document, including any watermarks, seals, company and governmental names, and contact details.

It is usually necessary for the visa translation to be certified by the translator who has provided the service. The certification provides an assurance that the translated document is accurate.

Why use Barnes, Thompson & Brown for a Visa Application Document Translation?

  • We are the logical choice for all categories of legal document translations.
  • We specialise in Australian visa application document translations.
  • We provide fast, accurate, legally correct translations.
  • We respond to queries and requests for quotations seven days a week, and beyond normal Australian business hours.
  • We normally provide a response to straightforward requests within 30 minutes.
  • We start translating all straightforward visa translations within 60 minutes of receiving them.
  • We draw on the expertise of over 650 professional translators.
  • We provide 100% human translations for visa translations.
  • We offer visa translation services in over 150 languages, including many common dialects within these languages.

Why You Should Use a Professional Translator for a Visa Application Document Translation

There is no point in cutting corners with a visa document translation. Applications for Australian visas must of necessity be translated by accredited professional translators. A visa document translation that is submitted without certification by a professional translator will be rejected, which will undoubtedly delay the visa application process.

Visa document translations for immigration authorities in countries other than Australia do not necessarily have the same criteria attached to them, but it is advisable at all times to use a recognised professional translator for any important legal document translation such as that needed for a visa application, or you may face delays or even outright failure to secure the visa you applied for.

For Australian visa document translations, you cannot do better than use Barnes, Thompson &Brown for accurate and professional work and speedy delivery.

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