If you don’t speak the main language used in Australia well and you need to get some documents translated for the federal court you will need to get them translated by a fully qualified translator. The Court provides a full range of translation services and is eager to assist anyone who needs to access these … Read More

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There has been much discussion recently about the role of language and the law in the international context, especially as globalisation is now so important. Businesses and individuals find themselves in parts of the world which in the past they would never have had the chance to be. Legal matters are part of the community in … Read More

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Websites often have to display legal documents and if the website is multilingual, as many are these days, then there will also be a need for legal document translations specifically aimed at making website legal material accessible to those whose language is not English. Website legal documents tend to be unobtrusive. If you are browsing a website that … Read More

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Are you heading down under to Australia for a business meeting and wondering how you will get on? Do Australian businessmen and women actually have an identifiable business etiquette, or is it a laissez faire affair? Here are some tips for non-Antipodean business people who are hoping to do business in Australia. Australian business people … Read More

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Some companies and even individuals, who either need a legal translation of a document or they have been asked to get one, could fall foul of an important document being leaked, because a free online translation service is used to perform the translation. It’s not so much the online machine translator that’s the culprit, but the … Read More

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Freelance legal professionals are increasing in number in the E.U. There are now over 10 million of them across the 26 nation group of nations. It seems that many young lawyers are rejecting the traditional pathway for lawyers and choosing something that is giving them a better life / work balance. Legal translation services are tapping … Read More

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Barnes, Thompson & Brown is an experienced translation company that meets the strict translation standards required in Europe, Australia and the United States. Most of its translators have been accredited by NAATI, the only approved Australian accreditation authority, but their professional development does not stop there and they are continually updating and expanding their knowledge … Read More

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