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December 24, 2018By legaltranslationsGeneral

The Government Sector and Document Translations

The government of a country is made up of many sectors, each of which has at times contact with the public. Most countries today are multicultural and it often takes months or years for new migrants to adapt fully to a new country including competent use of a new language. This is typically the case more of a problem for refugees and asylums seekers who don’t have to jump as many hoops to be allowed to migrate into a country as skilled and business migrants may have to do, particularly in relation to language skills.

In order to ensure that new migrants with limited proficiency in the language of the new country are able to integrate, or feel part of the country, important issues about the country need to be explained in their own language. There are many different document translations in the government sector that affect new migrants. Some examples of such government sectors include the following:


    • Education;
    • Health;
    • Law enforcement;
    • Driver Licensing.

    In many countries, government documents are translated into the languages of those who live in their country but still haven’t got a complete grasp of the new country’s language.

    Documents Translated Into the Education Sector

    There are many documents that might need to be translated for parents which include:

    • school rules;
    • school uniform policy;
    • procedure for reporting a child’s absence;
    • the school’s academic programmes;
    • term reports.

    Many schools have arrangements with government translation services which will provide translations on demand on any school document. Translating the documents means they can be explained to the school-age child about what to expect in school. Knowing the rules saves embarrassment for the child.

    Documents Translated Into the Government Health Sector

    Most countries provide government controlled health services. When a migrant with limited knowledge of the new country’s language arrives he and she will need to know their rights regarding the use of health services. Documents issued by the government in many languages include:

    • how to enroll with a doctor;
    • vaccinations available to children and adults;
    • who’s eligible for free prescriptions;
    • a list of medical fees if applicable;
    • dental services available to children and adults.

    Documents Translated for Law Enforcement

    When a migrant enters a new country, he or she needs to know the laws of the land. Of course, in most cases, the laws are much the same wherever you are in the world, but there may be some important differences, such as laws on drinking alcohol and driving, drugs, jaywalking, wearing of helmets on cycles and motorbikes. The government has a relationship with a government translation service which ensures all necessary law and order documents are competently translated into the required languages.

    Documents Translated for Government Drivers’ Licenses

    One of the first things a new migrant may want to do is get a driver’s license in the new country. Depending on the new arrival’s country of origin he or she may or may not need to sit a driving test. All the requirements and the government’s driving laws will be translated into the new migrant’s language. Also in many states, you can sit the theory driving test in your own language. The government uses a competent government translation services to ensure the translations are of a high standard and can’t be misunderstood.


    In order to ensure new arrivals understand what their rights and obligations are in their newly adopted country, key document translations in the government sector are carried out in the languages of the new migrants. If there is no standard translation of a document in your language, the government may provide a translation to suit your requirements.

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