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November 18, 2019By legaltranslationsGeneral

What is Audio Transcription?

Audio transcription is a written account of verbal communication. It transforms any file that is video or audio to text into a written experience for its audience. Audio transcription and transcribing audio to text has been taking place for a long time. In earlier days an audio transcription definition would have been a written record of a person’s voice including anything from courtroom proceedings to public speeches. More recently the definition of audio to text transcription includes any digital recordings, too. Audio to text transcription could include a movie, webinar or an interview conducted using your cell phone’s recording app.

There are two main types of transcriptions which are named verbatim and non-verbatim. The verbatim transcript will include every word found on the audio file and put it into text, exactly as the words were spoken. To be a true representation of its original form to transcribe audio to text it needs to be totally accurate so the content isn’t ambiguous. Non-verbatim transcriptions exclude any unnecessary speech so that the transcript becomes more readable and less repetitive.


    In order to transcribe audio to a text document accurately, there are only a handful of tools you will need. These are a word processor, an audio player and several free hours in a place where you can concentrate. Of course, if you want the transcription to be done quickly, audio transcription services can be used and there are many audio transcription online services available to do the job.

    1.Easy access to the transcription tools

    When you have your word processor and audio recording ready, you should position them so they are all easily accessible. You don’t want to have to get out of your seat to turn off your audio file or rewind it while you type. This will slow down the whole process.

    2. Shorthand should be used

    To speed up the transcription process using shorthand while you listen and write will help to speed up the process. Any shortened language forms you use must be clearly understood by you at least. You can always write the full version when you go over the transcription after you have finished, For example, depending on the type of recording there may be names of people or things that are repeated throughout the audio transcription. You can use shorthand to record these things which you can write in full later.

    3.Type what can be heard

    Simply listen to the audio file and type every word that is spoken.

    4.The editing of your text file

    Once the transcription has been completed you should listen to the audio recording again and fill in any gaps you weren’t sure of during your first listen. Check the pronunciation and spelling of any names you may have heard over and over again.

    5.Exporting the text file

    The file extension used to save the text file is very important. Anyone who will be keeping the text file just for themselves and may need to edit it or even share at a later date can just save it as a .doc file. However, if the main plan is to use the audio to text transcription for video subtitling or for another type of multimedia, ensure you confirm the type of file you will need first.

    The process of transcribing by audio transcription services

    Transcription services typically have a safe way for uploading your audio file, normally on a secure network. When you select custom transcription services from an audio transcription online website you are likely to get the audio to text transcription completed five times faster than if you do it yourself. You can get the professional transcriber to timestamp all the paragraphs so you can skip to the pages you want to read.

    The modern definition of a transcriber

    If you don’t want to do your own audio to text transcription, there are several options available today. You can select a human who has a full understanding of your language, which includes context, slang and nuance. You can make use of an automated transcriber, which will deliver a computer-generated transcription. It is obviously quicker and less expensive to utilize an automatic speech recognition service, but some nuance could be lost. If you choose to use audio transcription services you will benefit the most as anything you upload in the afternoon whether it is interviews, podcasts or research notes you will find a full transcription in your inbox when you wake up in the morning.

    Key leaders in many industries such as the media, marketing, health, law and education use audio to text transcriptions every day. They use professional transcription services that can transcribe complex, in-depth and confidential audio content efficiently and with precision.

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