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As more business is being conducted internationally there are options that businesses may consider such as mergers and acquisitions which offer a unique opportunity to co-operate with or acquire businesses that have experience already and knowledge of your new targeted markets. This up-to-date knowledge and experience lower the risk when trying to expand into the … Read More

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Trademarks help to protect your brand from competitors trying to use a slogan, name, or image that you have spent many years building a reputation with. Once you have got your trademark recognized, any business or upstart that uses that trademark without your permission can be sued. The only problem is that trademarks are normally … Read More

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The three main East Asian languages, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, are each spoken by tens of millions of people, hundreds of millions in the case of Chinese. There are often very specific reasons why someone who doesn’t speak any of these languages might want to learn at least one of them. For anyone who speaks … Read More

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Using divorce certificate translation services for all your divorce paperwork can be useful if your divorce documentation isn’t in your own native tongue. Why do I need my divorce certificate translated? Far from simply legally confirming the ending of a marriage, a divorce certificate, a divorce decree, and any paperwork related are in fact legal … Read More

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Passports are issued by national governments. They are legal documents that certify the holder of the passport’s country of citizenship and identity. A passport is viewed as a travel document that is essential for international travel, even though it doesn’t initially determine how long the holder may reside in any other country. A passport contains … Read More

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A good translation doesn’t just involve word-for-word translation but cultural considerations do play a key role in putting a translation into the right context. While a certain phrase might be quite acceptable in a particular country, it may cause embarrassment in another. Religion and sexual orientation are two of the most sensitive factors when any … Read More

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If a government agency and many other organizations demand a copy of a document or document translation, they may request either a certified or notarized document. This applies to translations of documents as well. What is a certified translation? A certified document requires accuracy, no mistakes, and an official signature of the translator claiming the … Read More

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What is legal transcription? Transcription is the process in which a written recording is made of speech. Most transcriptions are typed out but there may still be occasions when the transcriber actually writes down what is heard on paper. The person who does the transcription must listen carefully to what is being said and transcribes … Read More

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Check out any number of U.S. law firm websites these days and there is a simple message often prominently displayed: “Se Habla Español.” It’s communicating to the many Spanish speakers who live and work in the United States that there is someone at that law firm who speaks their language. In somewhere like Florida where … Read More

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As the world becomes more and more interconnected (despite Covid-19!), and the use of the internet for communication and important transactions grows, the threat of cyber attacks also grows. Cybersecurity is becoming an essential tool for businesses as well as many other organizations. Even national elections and electioneering have come under threat from cyber attacks, … Read More

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