Early history of translation and its impact This is just a brief history of translation which shows throughout history, translating has played an important role in bridging both the linguistic and cultural divide that has long existed between countries. The history of translation indicates that translation took place as a way of encouraging trade between … Read More

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Not all legal translations are the same, so there are various things you need to consider before going through the legal translation process. Consider the document type Before choosing a legal translator for a job you will need to know the following information about the legal translation project. What type of document it is. The … Read More

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A federal court interpreter plays the role of communicating between a non-English speaker and the English speaking court. This sort of federal interpreter needs both professional knowledge and skills in order to provide a good interpreter service needed in courtroom proceedings. Communication in all courtroom proceedings is far more complex than will be found in … Read More

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When undertaking translations for government departments whether they are medical, legal or immigration documents there is a requirement that they are laid out in a certain way so that they all fit the same style and template for the particular government department. There are some translators and translation companies who specialise in large multilingual translations … Read More

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In this day and age businesses want their share of the global cake when it comes to marketing their products. The internet is a tool used to attract new customers but for a business which fails to translate its website and localise its content it won’t be able to attract the millions of potential customers … Read More

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  There are two Koreas, namely North Korea and South Korea, much in the news recently, of course! They share a common language, which is Korean. There are however a few differences between the North Korean and South Korean languages, both the spoken and written word. The first key difference is in the South Korean … Read More

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  Time is money for most people and this goes for professional translators, too. Generally, straightforward document translations are priced per word, but time is also relevant when it comes to translations. The longer a translation takes the more it is going to cost. If your business or organisation needs a lot of translation and … Read More

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  If you are wondering what is a transcription service, then this article is just for you! Transcription services are used to transcribe speech to the written or printed form. Not so long ago, it used to be the job of a stenographer to listen to someone speaking such as a lawyer or doctor and … Read More

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This question could just as easily be rewritten as “when can you integrate machine translations into your content?” There is no hard and fast answer because it depends partly on what the translation is used for. Machine translation, better known as automated or computer-aided translation is fast, cheap (or free) and has improved immeasurably over … Read More

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Translators rarely translate anything apart from their preferred pair of languages. Less often, the translator may stretch their translation proficiency from two to three or more languages. It is common for translators to come across phrases that really don’t sound right and it can happen time and time again. Of course, that’s their job, but … Read More

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