It’s becoming more and more popular for people to work as freelancers. Many choose to be away from the stress that going to the same job in the same workplace has on people. There is no bar to someone working as a freelancer. They just have to possess the skills for a job that can … Read More

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An e-discovery law firm, at the beginning of a litigation case, groups together a large amount of information which is collected together about the legal case it is dealing with and. It is determined what is going to be the most useful to the case. Litigation these days tends to cross borders because companies are … Read More

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  Theoretically, there should be a constant and even a growing demand for interpreters in Australia. There is a steady inward flow of international migrants and within the country itself there are many residents whose native language is not English. That means that there should be a need for interpreters in all walks of life. … Read More

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Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone on the phone whose fluency in your own language is non-existent or quite low? To be honest, it can be difficult enough talking to someone on the phone who speaks the same language as you, let alone when you don’t understand each other! That’s where … Read More

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As more and more businesses are branching out to market their products to different customers. So there is a growth in demand for translators. This is in all types of industries including the consumer and retail industry. A retail translation benefits any retailers who are willing to expand into new markets. How the Retail Industry … Read More

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Back in 2016, the “Panama Papers” became top news. It was when about 11.5 million confidential documents became public through a leak. They had been held by Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian law firm, that took responsibility for the Panama documents as a Panama papers law firm before the Panama papers data leak took place. The … Read More

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Legal translation is one of the most specialized and highly paid fields in the translation industry. Although there are general legal translators who deal with the run of the mill but common legal translation tasks like translating personal documents, much legal translation is much more complex. Legal translators may be needed to translate complex and … Read More

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As an attorney’s assistant a paralegal’s main aim is to help his or her attorney to prepare court cases. Some of the responsibilities are quite similar to a lawyer. However, in the end a paralegal is not qualified to represent plaintiffs and defendants in court or to give any legal advice to the attorney’s clients. … Read More

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One of the things that companies are pursuing the most is trying to sidestep the use of human translators by the use of machine translation combined with legal technology. In the end, does this really help to drive efficiency and offer greater visibility to a company? What companies are seemingly focusing on the most is … Read More

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According to a survey conducted by Common Sense Advisory, 75% of people who don’t speak English prefer to purchase products which have product descriptions and marketing material in their own native language. In the same group of people 60% said they either rarely or never bought goods from websites that were just in English. This … Read More

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