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Most lawyers deal daily with specialist language which carries very specific meaning. They may be practiced linguists themselves, or rely on the services of legal linguists who help them to understand the precise legal significance of terms and phrases in documents related to their profession. In fact, many lawyers have a university background in language … Read More

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What’s the difference between transcription and translation? Translation and transcription sound similar, but in fact, are quite different. The translation is the conversion of text from one language into another language, e.g. French to English or Arabic to Russian. The translation is performed by a translator who is fluent in at least the two languages … Read More

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Immigration policies The immigration policies of many countries include three key factors. One of these is the richer countries’ eagerness to accept immigrants who originate from developing countries. A second factor is how the country integrates new immigrants while the third is the number and type of immigrants which are allowed into countries such as … Read More

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Transcription is when a recording in the spoken word is put into its written form. This is typically required in several situations such as in secretarial work, for medical purposes, in court reporting and in legal environments. Court reporting sounds similar to legal transcription but in fact they are not the same as a court … Read More

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These days many businesses are pursuing a global presence and this is achieved by making the website appealing and easily understood by the targeted audience. It is not a matter of loading the website online in a multitude of languages but getting it localised first is equally important.  Customising a website to suit the language … Read More

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If you have requested a translation of a business document it is important to ensure the translation has been both edited and proofread before the translation is returned to you. This will affect the quality of the translation and it will help to convey the best possible message to your audience.  What’s editing? The role … Read More

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ZircoDATA Pty Ltd, a leader in records and information management from governance through to storage, digitisation and destruction, has acquired our mother entity Xine Communication, one of the largest translation service providers in Australia. This acquisition extends ZircoDATA’s portfolio in conversion services in complementary sectors including financial, government, legal, medical and professional services. Jacqueline Fitzpatrick, … Read More

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What is a technical translation? Technical translations are the translations of materials that deal with the technical and scientific subject matter. To be performed well they need the skills of a quality technical translator who has a thorough understanding of the subject matter and any specialized terms used in both the source and targeted languages. … Read More

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It’s rare that every participant would remember the precise details of a business meeting so a transcript is made while the meeting is in progress which means there is a detailed written account of the meeting available to all those participants to view when they wish. As well as business meeting transcriptions legal transcripts are … Read More

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Humans were the first translators and have worked alone to perform translations for many centuries. They relied on their own skills to create the most accurate translations and the recipients of the translations were never really given the chance to dispute the quality of the translations. With the rise of artificial intelligence, machine translators have … Read More

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