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Because the business world has become so globalized and travel has generally increased to many world destinations the translating of professional documents has become far more commonplace. However, with the arrival of Covid-19, the world has been brought to a grinding halt. The translation of key personal documents like birth certificates, diplomas,s and degree certificates … Read More

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Legal documents vary because the legal systems in different countries are rarely identical. This makes it challenging for translators when asked to translate legal documents that originate from different legal systems. The translator needs to be familiar with both the legal systems of the source and targeted languages. There are terms that are not the … Read More

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The terms localization & internationalization are often used as if they are interchangeable, but they do not mean exactly the same thing. Localization is a process used for adapting a text so that it meets the cultural, legal, linguistic, date format, and any other element that allows it to fit in seamlessly in a location. … Read More

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Maritime law is often referred to as admiralty law or the laws of the sea. It is made up of a number of laws, conventions, and treaties that direct the actions of private maritime businesses and other issues, such as the settling of shipping disputes or prosecuting offenders who have broken laws in international waters. … Read More

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Most people in Europe and North America who speak European languages find it hard to learn both Chinese and Korean. In fact, the difficulties work both ways as many Chinese and Korean people find it difficult to master European languages. But which language is easiest and how similar or different are these East Asian languages? … Read More

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The translation industry has not been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic as much as some industries despite the almost complete disappearance of international travel and tourism. Trade continues all over the world. Manufacturers make things, distributors distribute them, and wholesalers and retailers sell these goods. Scientists and medical professionals are as busy, perhaps busier than … Read More

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Businesses, organizations, and agencies throughout the world, whether they are retail outlets, five-star restaurants, or a local charity, can benefit a lot from having their brochures translated. A translated brochure in many languages exposes the brochure to the international market, which means attracting more customers. The layout of a brochure makes it the perfect medium … Read More

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Most countries have agreements with other countries regarding international adoptions. For example, Australia has agreements with the following countries: Thailand, Taiwan, Sri Lanka,  South Korea,  South Africa, Poland,  Philippines,  Latvia,  Hong Kong,  Colombia,  China, Chile,  Bulgaria. International adoptions can be complicated, expensive, and often take a long time to complete. Each country has its own … Read More

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Moving from an office-based environment to remote locations for legal practices has been easy for some firms and more difficult for others. There are several aspects of legal work where the effects of Covid-19 and the response to the pandemic have been particularly disruptive. These include: adapting infrastructure to suit remote work; implementing leadership support; … Read More

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The Covid-19 pandemic rages on, but many countries are now in the process of easing lockdown restrictions, with varying degrees of success. It appears that those that shut their borders early; used physical distancing measures, masks and test, track and trace strategies have come out of the pandemic the best, even though their economies have … Read More

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