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If a government agency and many other organizations demand a copy of a document or document translation, they may request either a certified or notarized document. This applies to translations of documents as well. What is a certified translation? A certified document requires accuracy, no mistakes, and an official signature of the translator claiming the … Read More

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What is legal transcription? Transcription is the process in which a written recording is made of speech. Most transcriptions are typed out but there may still be occasions when the transcriber actually writes down what is heard on paper. The person who does the transcription must listen carefully to what is being said and transcribes … Read More

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Check out any number of U.S. law firm websites these days and there is a simple message often prominently displayed: “Se Habla Español.” It’s communicating to the many Spanish speakers who live and work in the United States that there is someone at that law firm who speaks their language. In somewhere like Florida where … Read More

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As the world becomes more and more interconnected (despite Covid-19!), and the use of the internet for communication and important transactions grows, the threat of cyber attacks also grows. Cybersecurity is becoming an essential tool for businesses as well as many other organizations. Even national elections and electioneering have come under threat from cyber attacks, … Read More

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Abstract meaning Abstracts are short summaries of research papers, usually only a few sentences long. Abstracts give the gist of what the research paper is all about. The abstract translation is therefore the professional translation of abstracts so that researchers whose language is not the same as that of the person who wrote the abstract … Read More

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In Australia, the major language of government is English. It is the official language and is the language of schools and other educational institutions. With few exceptions, English will be the main language used throughout the legal system, including the courts, amongst lawyers, and the law enforcement system. However, this doesn’t mean that other languages … Read More

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For many Christian communities around the world, Easter is the most important religious ceremony of the year. Like other ceremonies, however, Easter is not just a religious occasion as its origin is mixed up and combined with even older ceremonies. In the case of Easter, this means ceremonies associated with the arrival of Spring and … Read More

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Sworn translation services are provided by sworn translators. These are professional translators who have been entrusted to provide accurate translations of official documents. Many government departments and other organizations around the world require translated documents to be translated by either a sworn translator, a certified translator, or a professional translator who has the translations completed … Read More

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Introduction Patent translation is a specialized niche field of professional translation services. Patent translators have acquired both technical and legal expertise in patents and will have also become familiar with the necessary terminology in at least two languages (source and target languages) to enable them to competently deal with the task of patent translation. This … Read More

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477 million people in the world are native speakers of Spanish while Spanish is the 3rd most commonly spoken language after Mandarin and English in the world. In recent times there has been a marked increase in the demand for Spanish translation services which has grown by almost 40%, typically because of how important Spanish … Read More

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