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Things Every Lawyer Should Consider Before Hiring a Translation Company

Legal processes these days often involve speakers of a variety of languages, so the importance of a legal translation and interpretation should not be ignored as an interpreter for each language is required when any oral communication occurs between parties involved. All documents used, like response and complaint documents, written evidence, statements provided by witnesses, and a lawyer’s comments will require translations that have been performed by an experienced legal translator who may work for a legal translation company or be working as a freelancer.

Every lawyer should consider the aspects below before hiring a translation agency: 


    • cultural differences affect court interpreting and translation;
    • legal translations require a professional translator;
    • some courts require professional translations;
    • professional translations can help to protect you and your practice;
    • complete knowledge of legal terminology;
    • NAATI Certified Translation; 
    • check legal translation experience and on-time delivery ratings. 

    Cultural differences affect court interpreting and translation

    When dealing with legal cases that involve different cultures it is important to be aware that all parties should understand how court proceedings take place. In Australia laws and procedures are not the same as in many other countries. It is important to define legal terms so all parties involved understand the legal processes. Any interpreters when interpreting other languages and cultures should understand both legal systems so that mistakes in interpreting do not take place.

    Legal translations require a professional translator

    Even though it is possible for a relative or friend to translate a legal document it is normal to expect legal documents need to be certified so that no question can be asked about their accuracy. The lawyer should make sure that all legal interpretations conducted by an interpreter or translator are correct. This means hiring an interpreter or translator from a reputable translation and interpreting service.


    Some courts demand professional translations

    Court requirements for translations are quite strict so that the truth is made available. Many courts only allow certified copies of translations before they can be submitted. The translation needs to be submitted with the translator’s certifications and a signed statement claiming the accuracy of the translation. For all court cases, it’s better for the lawyer to get a certified translation

    A professional translation can help to protect you and your practice

    A good reason for always getting a legal document professionally translated is that you can be sure that a professional translator will provide a service that is accurate, fast, and confidential which cannot be found anywhere. 

    Complete knowledge of legal terminology

    When hiring a professional legal translator from a translation company it is important to check that the translator has knowledge of legal terminology relevant to the type of case. This ensures the speed and accuracy of the translation process.

    NAATI certified translations

    In Australia, courts and government authorities require that all translations are NAATI-certified translations. This means the translator will need to have passed an exam and been awarded a certificate of competence as a NAATI-certified translator.

    Check legal translation experience and on-time delivery ratings 

    When choosing a legal translation agency it is important to check that the service has experienced legal translators who are not only NAATI certified but also have gained a reputation for providing document translations to required deadlines.

    In order to be sure that as a lawyer you are always culturally respectful, reliable, and consistent when offering your legal services you should utilize the legal translation services of a professional translation company. 

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