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September 25, 2019By legaltranslationsblog

Translation Can Help You Increase Web Presence on Google

When you are considering how to improve your returns from your web presence and you are already operating in the international market this may be the time to translate your website and Facebook page into the languages of your customers.

Ways translation can increase the effectiveness of your web presence

Attracts New Customers

Boosting your sales is the first thing you are likely to consider if you start to translate your website. The evidence is there that proves that you are more likely to see a rise in your sales if the information you provide is in your potential customer’s local language.


    Typically, what is more, important is that any potential customer is unlikely to find you if s/he is searching using keywords in their own language, but your web presence is only in your native language.

    Translation can generate goodwill

    Translation can generate interest by showcasing your product to both existing and potential customers in an overseas market that you take seriously. When you establish a global presence, it means that you are prepared to adapt your web content to those who speak a different language and come from a different culture.

    Protecting your own brand

    Most companies put a great deal of thought into presenting their brand to any market whether local or abroad. This should include translating those materials accurately into the languages of the market if a common language is not shared. There can be nothing worse than trying to market your product overseas in your own language and people accessing the information have to guess what it is. This will not attract any new buyers and it won’t build up a good reputation for your product either.

    Business partners overseas benefit from your translations

    If in order to get your products to your customers you may use foreign-based distributors or marketing reps so ensuring good translations can make their jobs a lot easier as language is the primary tool they will use to access a sound customer base on your behalf.

    Support for customers

    Providing customer support in the form of translated manuals and online help can initiate first sales and boost customer loyalty as customers know that they will be able to access information to help them to solve any problems they may have. It can reduce the business’s costs by eliminating the need to provide one to one support for customers.

    How to increase visibility on social media

    Social media posts translated is a good way to boost the reputation for your business as everyone else can see what customers are talking about when it comes to popular products. This interest spurs further interest and gives the chance for followers to share your posts with others. Once this happens you may be lucky and gain an increase in sales just from promoting your presence on social media. Customers are not necessarily easily persuaded but a social media presence with lots of loves and likes may do just what you want and get your product known far and wide.

    How to increase web presence and how to increase visibility on social media

    A Facebook group is becoming a more and more popular way for a business to promote its products. More and more potential customers want to be able to engage with the businesses they purchase from. A good way to do this, without having to add a forum to your business website, is by starting up a Facebook group. This gives you common ground where you can initiate discussions with your clients and customers.

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