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September 17, 2018By legaltranslationsGeneral

Translation in the Consumer and Retail Industry

As more and more businesses are branching out to market their products to different customers. So there is a growth in demand for translators. This is in all types of industries including the consumer and retail industry. A retail translation benefits any retailers who are willing to expand into new markets.

How the Retail Industry Benefits from translations:

If the retailing industry wants to grow it has to attract new clients. This means going out of the local market and expanding into overseas markets. The biggest issues come about when the retailer is faced with cultural and language barriers. It’s a well-known fact that more than 70% of people prefer to spend their time on websites that are written and presented in their own language. If the retailer translates the business’s website into the targeted language then it will be more welcoming to customers who can understand the website’s language.


    Companies can’t only rely on online translators like Google Translate as the complete translation is rarely translated well leading to a higher chance of misunderstanding taking place. It seems that tools like Google translate are particularly poor at translating Asian languages.

    What does a Retail Translator do?

    Retail translating might appear easy but it isn’t as it requires more creativity on the part of the translator. This means it is better to call it transcreation as this is the more creative method used by translators to adopt a translated text to a particular culture and its targeted market. The language tends to be more emotive so that it appeals to potential customers. This is the difficult part of any retail and consumer translation. It’s nothing like a translation of a legal document which is a straightforward non-emotive translation. Creativity is the key to well-known-good retail and consumer translation and this is where retail translation benefits. There are openings for these types of translators just about everywhere,

    Retail Translation Benefits:

    Retail translators offer retail translation benefits which are very important in the translation and consumer industry. If they didn’t exist the retail industry wouldn’t be able to expand as it would not be able to communicate effectively with any new markets. Retail translators often work as freelancers or are employed directly by a large retailer. It’s a great translation job especially for translators who have a gift for creativity.

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