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October 26, 2017By legaltranslationsTranslations Skills

Company Success Overseas is Helped by Business Translators

Now you have proved you are successful at establishing an overseas market for your goods you have to start to think how you are going to minimise the problem with language barriers. The best way to do this is to hire a business translator to do this work. Someone with professional experience in the language and even in your line of business is particularly useful.

It is also useful to be able to find business translators who are native to your targeted country. This is because he or she will know of any nuances and grammar issues that affect the language when it is read and spoken in the country. For example, if you intend marketing your product to the Argentinian market it’s not sufficient to hire a Spanish business translator whose native country is Spain. Even though Spanish is Argentina’s lingua franca the language will have adapted over time to the culture and the environment where the language is based.


    Local Laws are Important Too

    If you are marketing a product to an unfamiliar country overseas there may be local laws you need to be aware of before your product can land on the shores of that country. Business translators who originate from the country will be well aware of any local laws your product needs to adhere to before it’s released. Also, you may need to set up a legal contract with a company which wants to make bulk purchases of your product on a regular basis.

    Advertising Must Fit the Targeted Market

    Transcreators with local knowledge will be a great help in this respect as they will be able to produce marketing advertising that fits in nicely with your new market.  

    Your business translators and transcreators set the standard for your product so you need to choose well if you want to be successful in the overseas market.

    Be Wary of Cost Effective Machine Translators (MT)

    Don’t be fooled into taking up offers from translation services who offer better translation deals because they don’t use human translators. Maybe in 10 years time MT will be of a high enough quality to suit all types of translations, but for now, you can’t make shortcuts by turning to these sorts of methods as you can’t guarantee to get an effective accurate translation out of it.

    You have to remember that when you localize your product, that is market it to a country and culture other than your own, human intelligence is vital because it’s not just the word for word language you are translating but the words have to be translated in such a way that they fit the culture.

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