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February 21, 2022By legaltranslationsGeneral

The Role of Transcription Services in the Global Market

What are transcription services?

For anyone who has an audio or video file and wants to put it into a text-based file, a transcription service can do this for you. Transcription is the process used when the spoken parts of a file are put into text form.

Benefits of transcription services

Transcription isn’t a new idea but today it can be completed quickly and accurately with the right translation services. The benefits of these services are:


    • improvement in turnaround time;
    • it boosts the value of a business’s content;
    • it increases accessibility for different customers.

    Improvement in turnaround time

    Using transcription services help to get your transcriptions done quickly and accurately. These services have experienced transcribers available in many different languages so you can quickly reach your potential customers in whatever languages you choose.

    Boosts Video Content’s Value

    Many businesses choose to use transcription services so that video content is more easily searchable. Search engines don’t have quite the same ability to listen to audio files and watch a video. When a video is transcribed or captions are included, the Google bots are able to read the transcription and it knows precisely what the content is in the video.

    Increases accessibility

    U.S. President Obama in 2011 increased the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) so that it included a condition that its visual material and public audio are made accessible to all potential viewers. This means it is illegal for visual and audio content creators or those distributors who happen to work within the public sector to fail to include transcriptions or captions in their material. If you include transcripts for all your visual and audio and material it makes it far easier for all potential viewers to access.

    Advantages of outsourcing transcription services for business

    Some businesses and organizations may choose to allocate the job of transcribing to current employees. The downside of this practice is that transcribing is only done well by professional transcribers so outsourcing this job to the right service provider will result in far better results. There are other reasons for outsourcing the job which are:

    1. It frees up time to concentrate on running the business

    Trying to find a competent in-house transcriber can be time-consuming and typically the majority of employees have skills that can help the business in other more useful ways. If transcription is outsourced, a better outcome can be expected and it takes the pressure off employees.

    2. It saves effort, time and resources

    When a transcription service is hired to do the job, fixed salaries and employee benefits don’t need to be paid. Also, office space, computers, furniture, electricity, and even training don’t need to be provided by the business.

    3. It means access to experienced transcription staff

    Transcription services hire experts at transcribing audio into text. They can typically match a transcriptionist knowledge to the subject your files are in.

    4. Customer support and help are available

    A transcription service online will answer all your questions quickly and it will make sure that your transcription is accurate and top-quality. When you choose transcription services make sure that the business puts quality first and that the business has years of experience offering transcription services.

    Outsourcing your transcription job to a professional reputable transcription service provider will be the best move you have ever made as it will enable your business to attract new customers. It can also prove to be the quickest and best strategy which you will never regret.

    Last Updated On:  March 10, 2023 By legaltranslations General

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