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November 24, 2017By legaltranslationsTranslations Tips

Legal Translation Services in Any Language

If you need to get your business’s legal documents translated into other languages you will need a reliable legal translation services to complete the task. You have to, choose one that has experienced translators who are conversant with the types of legal documents you will need translated. This could include:

  • warranty documents for products;
  • manuals showing how to use a product;
  • contracts related to the supply of your business’s products;
  • patents that keep competitors informed of your product’s uniqueness.

More general legal translations might include:


    • passports;
    • birth certificates;
    • adoption papers;
    • divorce and marriage certificates;
    • academic transcripts and degrees/diplomas;
    • a driver’s license;
    • medical records.

    Legal Translations for Immigration

    Most countries require potential immigrants to provide all their important documentation like birth and marriage certificates, degree and diploma certificates in the language of the host country. It’s imperative that these documents are perfectly translated by legal language translation services which know how important accuracy is.

    In the United States, the United States Immigration and Citizenship Service (USCIS) insists not only in getting accurate translations of all the required documentation but each translation needs to have a certificate signed by the translator stating the translation is accurate. If any inaccuracies are discovered the whole application will be delayed until the required translations are provided to the right standard. Most language translation services offer certification at no extra cost but you should check carefully with the company whether they are going to supply a translator that fits all the legal requirements for a translation.

    A good legal language translation service will include:

    • a guarantee that the translation will be accepted by the USCIS;
    • the translation will be fully compliant with any college or university requirements in relation to an accurate translation;
    • accurately translated and legally binding translated contracts
    • error free translations to be used in civil lawsuits;
    • certified or sworn or certified translations at no additional cost;
    • translation affidavits;
    • all types of legal document translations in any language;
    • guarantee of translation accuracy in all languages.

    Legal translation mistakes in documents destined for immigration agencies, for courtrooms, or for corporate settings, could put at risk the success of any visa application. It could lead to legal battles for the company who provided the inaccurate translation.

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