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July 13, 2020By legaltranslationsTranslations Tips

How Brochure Translation Could be Beneficial to Your Business

Businesses, organizations, and agencies throughout the world, whether they are retail outlets, five-star restaurants, or a local charity, can benefit a lot from having their brochures translated.

A translated brochure in many languages exposes the brochure to the international market, which means attracting more customers. The layout of a brochure makes it the perfect medium for the sharing of detailed information amongst a large group of people.


    If a brochure remains in just one language, it limits the number of people who can access the information, so it will not contribute much to an increase in sales. As companies all over the world do their marketing digitally it is even more important to translate all documents including brochures into the languages of countries who are likely customers.

    It is no longer feasible to go to a traditional printing firm and get paper brochures translated, which are then sent through the mail system as most companies know that the digital version is far more successful at winning new customers.

    Overall, once the designer for your brochure has created an attractive design and the features of your brand have been added then this is the most effective tool you could have in advertising your brand on your website which will attract a larger customer base.

    Industries That Benefit the Most from Translations

    Travel and Tourism

    Anyone who is looking for a holiday will have in the past picked up a handful of brochures from their local travel agent and browsed through them at home at leisure before making a decision. These days you can often find well-translated brochures sitting on the stands in travel agents but most businesses like the following will have translations of their brochures online:

    • hotels,
    • theme parks,
    • whale watching tours,
    • museums.

    Healthcare industry

    If you are a healthcare provider and your clients speak a variety of languages you will need to provide translations of your brochures that describe your services. You will find this most helpful when communicating with customers about their health care needs as you will know you have created a way of breaking down language barriers. This means your customers will be making educated choices when they decide on the treatment that best suits their requirements.

    These days, it doesn’t matter who your targeted market is. You have to adapt by providing digital brochures with reliable, accurate translations to keep up with the trends of global marketing trends.

    Tips for an accurate brochure translation

    As soon as you have your brochure ready to be translated you should consider the following tips.

    Ensure your original brochure document is correctly formatted to allow for expansion. Because each language takes up a different amount of space you need to ask your designer to leave a few gaps between the design features so if the extra text is required it can be fitted in. Expansion often causes problems if the brochure designer isn’t told to allow for an extra text that often comes with a translation. For example, if the brochure is written in English, but your key targeted market speaks German, you will need to ask your designer to leave some space to accommodate about 30% more text. If you don’t do this then the message about your brand may not be understood if there isn’t enough room for the expanded text needed for an accurate translation.

    Colors are often important in a brochure design

    Your designer may have done a great job in making allowances for more texts in a translation but colors are important in a brochure too. Colors we may think are bright and cheery in English might not have the same meaning in other languages. For example, white is linked to funerals in China, while a red represents luck. It is worth doing some research into your targeted language color preferences before going ahead with brochure design.

    Consider idioms carefully before putting them in your brochures

    If you have catchphrases, slogans or idioms included in your brands advertising text you need to consult with your translator to see if an accurate translation is feasible. You may need to omit some language from your marketing which cannot be translated easily and accurately into other languages.

    Expert translators needed for brochure translations

    Brochure translation is a great marketing tool, but the translation must fit the tone and wording of the original document. This means choosing an expert translator who specializes in brochure translations and has the writing skills to generate the best translation. Also choosing a translation company that specializes in providing localization services will mean your brochure will get the best translation that suits the market that is most likely to be attracted by your brand. A well-translated brochure reflects your brand in both the words and the symbols that are used in the translation so that it will resonate with your targeted market and grow your market and customer base.




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