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March 4, 2022By legaltranslationsGeneral

eCommerce Localisation Challenges and Their Solutions

Localisation is the process used when a product is marketed in the right way to an international market. For e-commerce, this is not just making the website available for different countries and their citizens, but it also involves adapting the language to fit the culture of those countries too. Localisation has become an absolute necessity if an e-commerce business wants to boost its sales and revenue abroad.

Not only does it enable it to be accessible to more people, but it appeals to the targeted audience in a new way. Localisation is used to modify both software and content on an e-commerce site.


    Advantages of e Commerce Localisation

    1. You will reach a larger audience

    Consumers are far more likely to purchase products on the online marketplace if they are able to do so using their own languages. Localisation personalises the marketing message so the consumers feel they are being treated in a more personal way and are far more likely to trust buying products online from the sorts of businesses that adopt localization as a marketing strategy. Something as simple as formatting numbers in a culturally acceptable way goes a long way to develop trust in your potential customers.

    2. More likely to keep customers

    Localisation builds trust with potential customers so they are far more likely to return to your site. Research has revealed that nine out of ten internet users prefer to make purchasers from websites that are presented well in their own languages. Once they have engaged with your company and its websites and are happy with the product they will return time and time again to buy what they need.

    3. Improves customer service

    Customer service is always a lot better if it uses the customer’s language when communicating. For example, a product’s description and specifications are understood far more easily.

    Constructive customer service is essential if the aim is to retain customers. Customers typically feel they are more respected and will ask questions more readily about a product before purchasing. There are some online customer services that need to be provided like email support, access to a hotline and the option to engage in live chat and all in the customer’s preferred language.

    4. You’ll boost revenue

    You can be rest assured that engaging in localisation will help to boost revenue for an e-commerce store. By offering localisation as a solution to any language barriers, you are opening up your ecommerce business to millions of new buyers. If you are targeting China that means you have billions of customers to attract to your product.

    Success in localisation becomes a reality when you have conducted research into the idiosyncrasies of your targeted countries and adapted your language to suit these differences.

    5. You will be at a competitive advantage

    You have already reached a good position if you are the first in your industry to seek out the international market. You will enhance your competiveness with help from your localisation effort.

    6. You will boost your market share

    The market share is a part of the market which is under the control of a specific company or a product. With the help provide by localisation, you have the chance to increase your share.

    7. It will reinforce your global influence

    Your global influence will without a doubt be increased. Al e-commerce businesses want their brand to be a significant player in the global market. That’s when localisation really shines.

    Challenges and Solutions of Localisation

    1. Localising your website design is a key challenge and needs translation services that have translators who understand the cultures of the countries you wish to target.

    2. Using automatic translation tools alongside experienced translators ensures you have used the best localisation techniques to win over the global market.

    Last Updated On:  March 10, 2023 By legaltranslations General

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