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Traditional Australian Aborigines often don’t know what’s going on when they are forced in to face to face contact with the criminal justice system. This includes contact with the police during interrogation, interviews by a legal counsel, and when a trial is taking place. It’s more or less up to the legal counsel representing the … Read More

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Increasingly, conflicts occur when interpreting the law when legal concepts written in one language are translated into another. These sorts of conflicts weren’t going to go away quickly as the world becomes more globalised. Both legal documents and practical legal matters occur in courts around the world.  Trying to find suitable legal terminology across many … Read More

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Refugees often flee persecution, war, or extreme civil unrest with the barest of possessions. They may have left behind almost everything that was important to them. If they do find a new nation willing to accept them, the road to a new life, even if it is only for a few years while their country … Read More

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Legal translation is in a league of its own. If you own or manage a legal translation agency, or have a legal translation section in a large translation agency, the quality of your legal translators is a very important consideration. Here are some criteria you might use to shortlist a suitable certified legal document translator. … Read More

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Machine translation (MT) is translation performed by a computer, normally with minimal if any help from a human translator. It is sometimes called instant or automated translation and has been in existence for several decades. There are a number of computer assisted translation tools (CAT) that help to integrate MT. These are often used by … Read More

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The world marketplace is diminishing in size as more individuals and businesses realize the importance of documents and legal translations. These are the sorts of documents that need to be translated accurately as it’s so easy to incur a heavy penalty if a legal translation for different documents is not done well. Businesses need translators … Read More

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If you don’t speak the main language used in Australia well and you need to get some documents translated for the federal court you will need to get them translated by a fully qualified translator. The Court provides a full range of translation services and is eager to assist anyone who needs to access these … Read More

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As global communication becomes faster and easier, these are the conditions that make it more favourable for companies to become involved in international trade. Through doing this they are able to expand their business overseas. However, this requires marketing which is only likely to be successful if the company is able to get legal translation … Read More

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When businesses market a product overseas to countries where the languages are not the same as their own, there are times when unexpected incidences may take place. Such a business may market a product to an overseas country which turns out to be faulty like the Takata airbag incident recently when cars installed with the … Read More

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There has been much discussion recently about the role of language and the law in the international context, especially as globalisation is now so important. Businesses and individuals find themselves in parts of the world which in the past they would never have had the chance to be. Legal matters are part of the community in … Read More

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