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April 15, 2019By legaltranslationsblog

White Papers are Not Always That Easy to Translate

A White Paper is typically issued by a company and is a professional document which presents current and objective data on a subject related to the company. This could include economic activities and product information. Not too long ago, White Papers were intended for political matters, like the French government’s defence White Paper which presented the country’s defence strategy. Today, this is more often used by businesses.

White Papers are used in Different Contexts

Typically aimed at the professional sector the format of a White Paper occurs in a number of different situations such as in the automotive industry, banking and technology and software development. It is also found when writing about web development, electronic devices, medical equipment, scientific services or technical services.


    White Papers Need Good Translators

    As companies penetrate global markets, the translation services required for White Papers are becoming more in demand. Most White Papers are unique, and a professional translator hired must use all their translation expertise to come up with a quality translation. This type of document tends to be a reflection of the company in general and any translation if done badly could result in a bad outcome for the company.

    The Importance of a White Paper Translation

    A White Paper is not used for the high street or online customer but is used to attract investors to a business. White papers that are just written in English will miss out a large number of investors many of whom may have large sums of money set aside for lucrative investments but who prefer to read White Papers in their own language. A White Paper should be translated into potential investors’ key languages. A business can only break down language barriers by targeting the languages that are best for attracting investors.

    Where are the Potential Investors?

    The United States has always had a pool of potential investors. However, there are other countries chomping at the bit too such as Russia, Korea and Japan who are always after investment projects overseas. Another group of potential investors can be found in China, Germany and Australia, so do not forget to translate your White Paper into these languages.

    Once you have determined the targeted languages, you will have to look for a professional translation company with proven experience of translating White Papers accurately. Choosing the option of a machine translator could ruin your business’s reputation as they are rarely accurate enough to project a reliable image of your business.

    How to Select the Right Translation Company?

    The key points to consider are:

    • The level of industry experience the translation company has. Those who have in-depth experience with blockchain technology and have translated successfully in this niche make the best White Paper translators.
    • The translation company should have access to translators of many languages who can prove their success with White Paper translations.
    • The translation company should have a reputation for delivering high-quality translations. This means their standards and quality control are high so no poor translations of White Papers fall through the net.


    It is always a good idea to choose a White Paper translation company which is both reliable and demands high-quality translations from all its translators. You do not want to be in the position of having to return your White Paper translations because they are riddled with grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors so hindering your chances of potential investors gravitating to your business.

    Last Updated On:  March 10, 2023 By legaltranslations blog

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