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What is a Thesis Translation?

Today, communication is all about information sharing throughout the world, but this cannot be achieved unless key postdoctoral work is translated into the major global languages for all to share. Anyone who believes they have gained advanced knowledge of a subject through advanced study should consider a thesis translation targeting those language groups who will benefit the most from the knowledge that the thesis contains. This is of central importance to a student who has written a thesis in a little known language but believes the knowledge gained from research should be shared with other language groups including the English speaking world.

The Growth Of Thesis Translation

The need for thesis translation grows every year, as there is an increasing interest amongst people who are keen to work on projects in countries outside of their own. For example, an American researcher who has taken the opportunity to work alongside his/her Chinese counterpart who resides in China may require having his/her thesis translated so that the Chinese counterpart can more easily benefit from the shared knowledge.


    Importance Of a Thesis Translation into English

    There is no question that knowledge can be lost when non-English speaking academics gain knowledge on a subject but never get round to sharing it with the English speaking world. Whether the thesis is written in the science or humanities genre there is no denying the advantages and importance of a thesis translation into English. Any savvy student should consider a thesis translation into English as it will put them in contact with the English speaking world. The major stumbling block for many students is that their department in their university is the only one which needs to approve a dissertation so the onus is on the student to get an English translation. However, increasingly there are a few universities which are not English-speaking that offer the opportunity for students to submit a thesis in English.

    Benefits Of a Thesis Translation in English

    • You will gain a much wider and larger academic audience for your thesis as you can make your translated thesis available to interested people using online resources and a thesis dictionary.
    • Scholars who are seeking out the most current research in the field you specialise in will have a far higher chance of finding it online in a language they can understand.
    • Depending on whether your thesis translation is an M.A. or PhD, getting it translated into English exposures your abilities to academic establishments throughout the world which in turn could offer more academic opportunities overseas and possible future employment possibilities.
    • Journals and publishers will get to know if you have your thesis translation online which offers you a higher chance of getting your work officially published which will mean your work will be accessible to a wider range of readers.

    How to get your Thesis Translation

    If you are thinking of publishing your thesis in English and you have reasonable competency in the language you could write it up in English first then employ a suitable thesis editing service to polish it up. Your academic supervisor can advise you as to your English suitability. The other option is to polish up your thesis in your mother tongue and employ a thesis translation service to do the English translation. In this situation, it is better to send each chapter at a time to your chosen English translator as this gives you the chance to overview the translation bit by bit. It could become quite an onerous task going over a 30.000-word translation all in one go.

    Beginning the thesis translation process should start only after your thesis has been accepted by your university in your native language. When translating a thesis into English that has already been accepted at this point you should be thinking beyond getting the English translation but you should consider getting it ready to be published in a book form. You should consider the thesis structure by editing and altering the original version before sending it for translation, in order to tailor it to your desired publishing house or journals.


    The decision to get your thesis translated so that is available to the global academic community is something that cannot be overstated. You may be adding to knowledge to a key area that so far no one else has been able to achieve. Not only that but you may open up the chance to be a key global thinker in your specialist area that benefits all but provides you with status and income that could last a lifetime. You may be offered a job in a key academic environment giving you the chance to further yourself and add to world knowledge for the betterment of all.

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