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Multilingual translation of government information


There are some translation professionals who specialise in big multilingual translation jobs for government agencies and departments which require translations. These clients also require that the translations are presented in a certain way with a required layout and formatting.

Many translators are needed for government translations

If a government is serious about providing multilingual translations of documents related to certain government departments like immigration, health and education, it has to find a translation company who is able to quickly source competent translators in the required languages. Some countries like Australia require that any documents to do with the government can only be translated by translators who have been accredited by sitting tests conducted by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). This demand ensures any government documents that are translated into many languages are completed by competent translators.


The sorts of multilingual government translation projects over the past 2 years have included the following:

  • For the Department of Education and Training translations of fact sheets, brochures,
  • For the Fair Work Ombudsman translations of website content, glossary and in guides in 31 languages
  • For Centrelink, translations of International Pension Forms in 20 languages
  • For Family and Community Services, the translation of fact sheets, NDIS Info. and newsletters
  • For the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service, the translation of information sheets and health information flyers.
  • For NSW Health, translations of health information flyers and information sheets
  • For the NSW Police, the translation of fact sheets
  • For Fairfield Council the translation of flyers and posters
  • For Parramatta Council the translation of flyers and Parracity guides
  • For Liverpool Council, the translation of newsletters
  • For LawAccess NSW, translations in 22 languages of the Need Legal Help? Brochure.
  • For Destination NSW, the translation of guides.

Overall the typical government multilingual translation projects are:

  • Fact sheet translations
  • Leaflet and brochure translations
  • Information booklets translations
  • Translations of website information
  • Educational material translations
  • Translations of ethnic media campaigns

A big multilingual government translation project in Australia will only be a success if well qualified and experienced NAATI translators are part of the translation team. It also means that the preparation and planning for a translation project required by the government is done well and the project is completed within the required deadline.

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