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January 14, 2019By legaltranslationsblog

Awesome Gaming Titles That Need to be Translated

Today, all sorts of inventions are created in different languages as there is no one global language. This means the translation is essential so that people can share what others have created. One of the key inventions today that’s hit the world like a storm in the virtual gaming industry. Even though many games are based on action, which speaks louder than words, they are also more appealing if they are available in the user’s language. Taking part in gaming is all about having adrenaline-pumping fun but there are so many addictive fun games that are yet to be translated.

Research has indicated that presently there are at least 50 awesome games that need translating so they can be marketed to the world.


    A few examples of key games that need translations

    • Some of the sought after game titles such as the sequel to the Secret of Mana, Mother Three have already gone through fan translations. However, playing would be made far simpler if the versions translated were officially released to the public. The Japanese game industry is big and the next most important one that needs to be officially translated following Mother 3 is Dai Gyakuten 1& 2. Following these games are the series of Kenzan, Ace Attorney and Ryū Ga Gotoku Ishin.
    • The Japanese game, Yakuza Ishin, which is also known officially as Ryu Ga Gotoku in, is badly in need of an English translation. It’s considered to be an adventure game that’s action-packed. It is based from 1853-1867 and was originally designed to be used with PlayStation 3 and 4. It was expected that if it was translated into English it would gain grand hit status. The game has too much Japanese in it, considering its language, origin and actions are concerned.
    • Age of the Wanderer is a second Japanese game badly in need of an English translation. The games better-known name is ‘Yainsidae,’ and as a K-drama, it has become immensely popular throughout many Asian countries. It’s an action-packed fast-moving game where Doo Han Kim the leading character whose plays out the role as the son of a well known general and is labelled as the greatest fighter ever known. He takes over the control of the killing of the clan of Honmachi, a group of evil gangsters. Any English translations will improve its playing rate considerably and it’s perspective among gamers.
    • Rasuto Ranka which in English is the Last Ranker is a July 2010 Japanese game that gained considerable popularity in Japan because of its high amount of graphics. This game pursues the RPG play genre. Zig, as the leading character, becomes engaged in a combating group, which enables him to work his way to the top. Here, the players aren’t able to take control of the characters on their own but they are able to direct Zig’s movements. This game is in desperate need of a good translation.
    • Xuan-Yuan Sword is a Chinese origin sword game. In English, this means ‘The Yellow Emperor’s Sword.’ As an RPG game, it was designed to be used with Windows Computers. This game came out in 6 sequences and it rightfully deserves high priority. The game’s compelling plot involves the lead role being played by a sword. The players use the yellow emperor’s sword to fight the bad elements.
    • Keep Fingers Crossed are games that are because of their dynamism need to be shared with the world. The only way to do this is to get them translated into the world’s key languages. This not only benefits the gamer but the developer too. They deserve a full English translation so that all parties involved can get involved in playing the game.

    What Determines the Success of a Game Translation?

    The reason why it’s suggested that some games are in urgent need of translation is due to their success in their first market. However, it needs to be remembered the greater the differences that exist between markets, more effort has to be put into localizing the game. There is always some risk if a game is moving from East to West is going to be culturally unacceptable to the new market?

    This may in part depend on how good the translation is. When for example a game is translated into Spanish there are different variants of both the language and culture. The translator used for the game’s translation needs to be experienced in translating into the right variant of Spanish. There may be words that need more adjustment than others to ensure they have the expected impact on the player. All in all, if a game has a vast following in China, it’s likely to be the same in Australia, as long as the translation has been done well.

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