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March 22, 2018By legaltranslationsTranslations Tips

Who Should I Ask For An Accurate And Reliable Legal Translation?

To ensure that a legal translation is accurate and of high quality, it is preferable that a Spanish to English translation of legal texts is done by a lawyer, either currently practising in the field of law or has substantial experience in the legal field as a translator of legal texts. A legal translator who is a solicitor but doesn’t have any work experience in the field will find difficulty translating all the legal terminology in his or her pair of languages.

Legal translation that only a legal translator can do

A legal translator without a doubt is confronted with many challenges and it’s only the accumulation of experience that helps to overcome these challenges. A legal translator takes on the responsibility of translating a range of documents which could include different types of contracts, a country’s laws, and regulations, documents related to lawsuits, judgments and other commercial, civil or criminal proceedings. All translations require that the translator, whether the job is to translate English to Spanish words or translate English to Italian, interprets or transforms the texts given by translating words and sentences into the best possible meaning within the legal area which they are a part of.


    For example, legal texts related to a civil lawsuit or a commercial or criminal context are different so the legal terms in the translation should correspond to what is used in the particular process. When in the process of translating, a legal translator should make sure that the concept being translated is the same as in the original document. If this isn’t achieved it could result in the translation being misunderstood by the recipient.

    Legal translations are offered by legal translation services which have experienced lawyers capable of doing legal translations in all the legal contexts. They give an assurance that important documents like judgements, contracts and legal documents are accurately translated from the original version in terms of concept and meaning whether they translate Español or translate English to Italian.

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