August 22, 2017By legaltranslations

Case Study

Client: Law firm representing a major Australian company

Location: Sydney

Situation: Globalised trade facilitated by the Internet presents challenges to Australian companies who have valuable intellectual property assets. Companies must protect those assets not only in Australia, but also elsewhere in the world. After all, it is almost as easy now for an unscrupulous operator in a foreign country to steal a company’s trademark, breach the terms of a patent, or infringe on copyright as it is for someone here to do it. This sort of intellectual property crime can cost Australian companies millions.

Problem: One of our clients represents a large Australian company. One of the responsibilities they have is to protect the intellectual property of the company both in Australia and abroad. This involves a number of IP assets, although the most common issue they deal with is theft and misrepresentation of trademarks. Dealing with this involves using the legal system in multiple countries, which means that the law firm here must coordinate their efforts with lawyers in those countries, many of whom don’t speak English.

Outcome: We have been working with the Australian law firm for several months now providing both translation and interpreting services. The work has led to prosecutions in several jurisdictions, and a reduction in fake goods for sale bearing the company’s logo and brand.

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