August 22, 2017By legaltranslations

Case Study

Client: Law firm

Location: Sydney

Situation: Australia has always been a popular destination for tourists, students wanting to study, people looking for work, and those who want to relocate to make a better life for their families. These visitors come from just about every country in the world and, inevitably, some will find themselves in situations where they need assistance from a lawyer. Not being able to speak English, or speaking very broken English, presents significant challenges for both the individual and the law firm representing them.

Problem: A law firm in Sydney recently found themselves in this situation when they had a client who was from Somalia and who only spoke Somali. The lawyer working on the case needed an interpreter to help her communicate with the man so she could properly represent him in court.

Outcome: Our team of translators and interpreters includes Somali speakers, so we were able to provide the law firm with an interpreter quickly. The interpreter also had legal experience, so was able to assist the lawyer, particularly in relation to explaining to the Somali man how the legal system in Australia operates. This put the man in a position to give clear direction to the lawyer, and it allowed the lawyer to provide appropriate advice and fulfil her duties.

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