August 22, 2017By legaltranslations

Case Study

Client: Police department

Location: Western Australia

Situation: Financial fraud cases are among the most complex that any police force anywhere in the world investigates. They regularly have to bring in outside assistance, including forensic accountants, to help with the investigation. When the investigation crosses international borders, translation services are also often required.

Problem: This was the situation faced by the police in WA as they investigated a fraud case that involved participants from a number of Central and Eastern European countries. As part of the investigation, they had audio recordings of some of the suspects discussing the potential fraud. The suspects were talking in Russian, however, so the recordings had to be translated. In addition, the subject matter of the case was extremely complex.

Outcome: We were able to provide the police with a translator who had experience of both legal and financial translation. The translator provided the police with an accurate translation of the audio recordings which included explanations of the slang phrases and local idioms used by the participants in the conversations. Our expert translated over 20 hours of audio recordings for the police. Those translations later became a central piece of evidence in the prosecution’s case.

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