August 22, 2017By legaltranslations

Case Study

Client: Law firm

Location: Melbourne

Situation: Dealing with inheritance matters is something that many law firms in Australia face on a daily basis. Tracking down and then communicating with family members, or others mentioned in wills, is part of the process. In Australia’s modern, multicultural society, many people now have close connections that cross international borders. As a result, dealing with issues of inheritance now often involves contacting people outside Australia.

Problem: One of our clients in Melbourne faces this situation regularly. It is important in these cases not to assume that the person being written to speaks English, even though that might be the case. In addition, all inheritance matters involve a death. This makes the issue delicate as you have to take common sensitivities into account, as well as differing cultural traditions. While doing all of this, the law firm has legal responsibilities to the client whose estate they are working to settle.

Outcome: We provide regular assistance to this client, which includes translating letters and other documents into multiple languages, depending on requirements. We also provide interpreter services for telephone calls, audio conference calls, video conference calls, and face-to-face meetings that sometimes take place. We have always been able to provide this client with a suitably qualified translator in the language they need who also has legal experience. We are continuing to work with them, and look forward to doing so long into the future.

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