Document translation is not a simple process at all. It requires a high degree of concentration on the part of the translator. If you are in need of legal translations you shouldn’t consider hiring an individual freelancer. This is because the importance of accuracy is vital with these sorts of translations. If for example you … Read More

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Part of a paralegal’s job resembles that of an attorney, but due to lack of qualifications a paralegal can’t represent a client in court or give any legal advice except under the supervision of an attorney. There are 2 Kinds of Paralegals General paralegal and corporate work Litigation paralegal work General Paralegal and Corporate Work … Read More

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At the moment, Machine Translation (MT) and Speech Recognition (SR) can’t be fully utilized. This is mainly because people speak continuously and there needs to be an acoustic remedy for that which reduces the flow down to sentences or smaller segments which then sends the output to what’s referred to as an audio optimization layer. … Read More

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Now you have proved you are successful at establishing an overseas market for your goods you have to start to think how you are going to minimise the problem with language barriers. The best way to do this is to hire a business translator to do this work. Someone with professional experience in the language … Read More

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Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act states that U.S. state courts will be provided with federal funding in order to provide a legal interpreter at no cost to individuals in both criminal and civil cases whose English is limited.  This doesn’t mean anyone off the street who has some sort of bilingualism can … Read More

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Businesses are going global more than ever before and that means translation skills are part and parcel of doing international business. A lot of the transactions that businesses have to deal with are legal issues. They range from registering a business, applying for national or international patents, and preparing legal contracts to applying for local … Read More

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The global economy has at its heart a whole network of financial businesses, ranging from banks to accountancy firms, financial planners, economists and advisers. The number of free trade deals that have been negotiated may have reached a temporary plateau, but it hasn’t stopped world trade. None of this financial activity would be possible without … Read More

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Few countries these days, especially affluent ones, are monolingual and monocultural any more even if they ever were. The twentieth century and the start of the twenty first centuries have seen an unprecedented growth in the movement of people. It doesn’t matter if there are multiple reasons why this has happened. Many are seeking a … Read More

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Traditional Australian Aborigines often don’t know what’s going on when they are forced in to face to face contact with the criminal justice system. This includes contact with the police during an interrogation, interviews by a legal counsel and when a trial is taking place they. It’s more or less up to the legal counsel … Read More

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