Websites often have to display legal documents and if the website is multilingual, as many are these days, then there will also be a need for legal document translations specifically aimed at making website legal material accessible to those whose language is not English. Website legal documents tend to be unobtrusive. If you are browsing a website that … Read More

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Are you heading down under to Australia for a business meeting and wondering how you will get on? Do Australian businessmen and women actually have an identifiable business etiquette, or is it a laissez faire affair? Here are some tips for non-Antipodean business people who are hoping to do business in Australia. Australian business people … Read More

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Despite some of the more recent political developments in America and Europe, which seem to indicate a level of weariness with some aspects of globalisation, the fact is that many businesses these days are locked into a never ending cycle of ever increasing expansion. If you don’t grow as a business, you could lose out … Read More

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Most companies want to see their products go overseas but the worst thing they could ever do in their marketing materials is to get an inaccurate and poor quality business document translation. This of course could happen if the business was to use just machine translations or just get a program like Google Translate to do … Read More

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Some companies and even individuals, who either need a legal translation of a document or they have been asked to get one, could fall foul of an important document being leaked, because a free online translation service is used to perform the translation. It’s not so much the online machine translator that’s the culprit, but the … Read More

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Terminology is specific to virtually every subject, whether it’s science, law or technology. You can’t just use any words when conducting a legal translation from one language to another. You have to ensure that the terminology used in the translation matches its true meaning in the legal context. The words used in law are the words … Read More

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The history of legal translation and the profession of legal translators can be traced back to at least Ancient Egypt, with documents that have been discovered showing a translation of a peace treaty between Ancient Egypt and the Hittite Empire. That was back in 1271B.C! The rise in the Greek Empire meant that many documents had … Read More

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Freelance legal professionals are increasing in number in the E.U. There are now over 10 million of them across the 26 nation group of nations. It seems that many young lawyers are rejecting the traditional pathway for lawyers and choosing something that is giving them a better life / work balance. Legal translation services are tapping … Read More

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Translating legal documents is one of the most challenging and skilled of all translation tasks. Any business or organisation that fails to understand that quality in legal translations is paramount is likely to learn the hard way. Particularly after a patent application is denied, a court appearance is delayed, a contract falls through or a … Read More

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  It’s hard to understand why organisations, commercial and non-commercial, still choose the cheapest option when it comes to translating some of the most technical of all documents that must be converted into another language. When the need for the translation of legal documents arises, such as evidentiary and financial documents, the lack of a professional … Read More

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