Legal Transcription
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Legal Transcription

Legal Transcription Services and Why We Do it Better

Barnes, Thompson & Brown provides a transcription service that is specialised in legal matters.

If you need audio or video files transcribed and certified, you will appreciate our panel of legal transcribers. You may want to consider combining this service with a translation, proofreading, and back-translations.

In general, transcriptions can be time-coded or not time-coded.

Time codes in a transcription are printed time stamps in the transcripts which inform the reader of the exact point where something was said in the audio/video file. Though generally more useful in the field of subtitles or voiceovers, time stamps can also be a useful feature in legal transcriptions because they enable the reviewing lawyer/paralegal to quickly find a certain section in the original audio. Our transcription services have also been used by solicitors, attorneys and barristers, and assisted their typists by having meetings, memorandums and correspondence transcribed.

A non-time-coded transcription is an exact written reproduction of the content in the audio/video file, but without time stamps.

We can transcribe in many languages, and have a range of translators who are experts in dialects and accents. The transcription service is billed by the minute and depends on the language, the quality of the audio/video file, and the content.

Our transcription service attracts clients not only from Australia, but worldwide as well. We enjoy assisting legal clients from the United States and Europe. A good reputation travels around the world.

Barnes, Thompson & Brown provides accurate and affordable transcriptions in a fast turnaround time. We ensure quality by having a strict in-house quality-management system, and by working together with highly trained and experienced transcription professionals.

Our streamlined processes ensure our clients have a simple ordering experience. In cases of more complicated projects, our project managers are always available to discuss your needs and requirements.

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Legal Transcription