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Webpage Translation

Legal Webpage Translation Services

The Internet offers opportunities, whatever sector or industry you are in, to expand your reach to other markets and countries. That often means presenting your website in a different language. At Barnes, Thompson & Brown, we offer an essential service that is a key part of website localisation: legal webpage translation.

Of course, it is important that all pages on your website are localised – simple translations are not normally enough. The legal pages on your website – such as terms and conditions of use, user agreements, or contracts – require particular attention. You must translate and fully localise them for the target language, but you must do this in a way that accurately and fully translates the legal terminology.

We maintain a level of detail and legal accuracy with our legal webpage translation services that can't be matched by non-legal translators or machine-assisted translators. This includes ensuring 100 percent accuracy of the legal terminology used, something which can only be achieved with an expert web page translator.

Legal Translations Suitable for the Screen

In addition to accurately translating the legal terminology in the text, we also ensure that the page displays properly on your website. This covers many eventualities, including the following:

  • When the language has a different alphabet, such as Thai or Russian
  • When the language has character sets, such as Japanese or Chinese
  • When the language reads right to left, such as Arabic or Punjabi
  • When there are other localisation characteristics of the language. Examples include the display of currencies – in some languages, currency symbols appear after the number, and commas are used instead of decimal points.

A Legal Translation Team You Can Trust

Our network includes over 650 experienced and professional translators, allowing us to translate to and from over 150 languages. We translate from any of those languages to any other, including all the world’s major business languages. In other words, we can help you expand your operations in all of the world’s major commercial markets.

Those languages include English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and more.

The legal webpage translator who will work on your project will have legal experience. In fact, many of our translators are lawyers, and they also have extensive experience translating legal pages on websites.

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We handle projects of any size, so we can help you whether you are translating your legal webpages into one language or several. We can also check the legal accuracy of webpages if you have already had the text translated.

To get a quote tailored to your needs, or to find out more about our translation services for legal website pages, please contact us.

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