August 22, 2017By legaltranslations

Case Study

Client: Law firm

Location: Brisbane

Situation: In civil litigation, the discovery phase is a crucial part of almost all cases. There are legal rights and responsibilities on both sides, and getting it wrong can have serious consequences. This was the situation one of our Queensland-based legal clients faced when working on a large civil case in which many of the documents required accurate translation by a NAATI-certified translator.

Problem: Two main issues faced the law firm involved. The first was the size of the case and the number of documents that had to be translated. As a significant legal practice, they had the expertise and resources to handle the case, but they also needed a translation service with similar capacity.

The second problem our client faced was the diverse range of languages involved. They needed translations for documents in Chinese Mandarin plus several other languages as part of the case.

Outcome: The law firm considered contracting out the translations to multiple suppliers, but we had both the capacity to handle all the documents and the expertise to provide translations in all the languages they required. Each one of the translators who worked on the project was NAATI-certified.

Working with only one translation services provider reduced the complexity and cost of the project for our client. In addition, the client was highly satisfied with the quality of work we delivered.

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